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Yummi candles is owned and operated by a family that is not responsible for the quality of their products. The company has a poor management system and has a history of firing their staff, allowing them to return to their jobs after 3 separate incidents of mismanagement. The owners don't care about their employees, who work long hours for underpaid wages. If you want to work for Yummi candles, make sure you're paid more than minimum wage.

Cash-back service

If you enjoy shopping for gourmet candles online, using a cash-back service may be a great way to save on your next purchase. Many websites offer extra cash-back between two and ten percent on your purchases. Ebates, the most popular cash-back service in the US, currently offers a $10 bonus after your first purchase. To take advantage of this cash-back service, visit Yummi candles' website to purchase Yummi candles through a cash-back website.

Once your Yummi candles order arrives at MyUS, you can track its progress. Orders typically take two to three days to process and ship. Delivery times can vary significantly from two to two weeks, depending on your chosen shipping method. When ordering from Yummi Candles, it is recommended that you shop online, as this will ensure that you get the best price possible. When shipping your order, use MyUS as the package forwarder. This will make the entire process as easy as possible.

Shipping cost

If you want to buy a candle online but don't want to pay too much, try using a cash-back service. These services will let you earn between two and ten percent back on purchases. Ebates, for example, is the most popular cash-back service in the United States. If you purchase a candle from Yummi, you can earn a $10 bonus after your first purchase. If you are in the market for a new candle, consider using a cash-back service to reduce the shipping cost.

Shipping costs for Yummi candles vary. You can save on shipping by using MyUS, the largest package forwarder in the US. MyUS offers the cheapest shipping rates and is a great place to start your shopping experience. Use a coupon code and find the best way to save. Make sure to keep track of shipping costs and choose the best method to use to avoid paying more than necessary. Yummi Candles is a great option for those looking for a scented candle that is safe and affordable.

Colors of yummi candles

For your next event, consider a beautiful centerpiece and some fragrant candles from Yummi Candles. This Toronto-based candle maker is committed to making beautiful candles that are free of lead and other harmful chemicals. You can also enjoy their new Vintage Apothecary collection in a retro-style pharmacy jar. And, of course, you can always save more by using one of their promo codes! The following are some of the best savings you'll find when purchasing these superior candles.

These hand-dipped, handmade candles have 44 fashionable colours. Their outer core is made of the finest paraffin wax and the wick is made from cotton, which ensures that they burn cleanly and don't drip. The candles fit standard taper holders. The selection of Yummi candles is large and you're sure to find something that suits your event perfectly. And if you're on a budget, they have a great selection of unscented candles as well.