Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Candles Review

If you want to light a candle, but do not want to use as much kilowatt-hour of wax, Voluspa is for you. Voluspa candles are phthalate free and made from a kind of coconut wax, and are environmentally friendly. You can also reuse the containers as storage or as to hold tea light holders or even vase! Alongside being eco-friendly Voluspa candles also smell great!

Traci and Troy Arntsen founded Voluspa

From humble beginnings in a California kitchen to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Southern California, Voluspa candles are now a sought-after luxury brand. The Arntsens have continued to grow their business by utilizing their passion for education in fragrance and natural ingredients. Voluspa candles are made from sustainable coconut wax and hand-poured. They are warm to the touch.

The brand new Voluspa website design is centered around an elegant, home-decor style. The website is visually appealing thanks to its sharp images and muted hues. It also highlights the finer details. The new menu highlights related products as well as customer reviews, making the navigation easy and enjoyable. The website is also equipped with more cross-selling options. The Voluspa website also has a blog with reviews and reviews from customers.

The founders of Voluspa have an extensive knowledge of essential oils and botany. They use only the purest, most potent ingredients from remote locations. The company's name is Voluspa which in English is "great passion" and was inspired by their travels. And the company's products are sold in more than 30 countries in department stores and boutiques.

It is made of a type of coconut wax

Voluspa candles can be hand-poured in the United States with a proprietary blend of coconut wax. The wax is 98% less flammable than soy wax, and allows every aspect of the fragrance to be fully expressed. Each Voluspa candle is packaged beautifully which makes them a fantastic present. They are also non-toxic and pesticide-free. Voluspa candles are an excellent centerpiece since they burn fast.

Coconut wax is one of the most safe alternatives to other waxes, however there are other types of wax to choose from. Le Maison Collection uses a proprietary blend of coconut wax and other naturals such as apricot. This blend of wax was the first one to use coconut wax for commercial purposes and was refined over two years to produce the most effective scents.

Voluspa is a well-known brand of home fragrances. Their signature fragrances are crafted from the finest ingredients from across the globe. They are combined into pure coconut oil that is then hand-poured in California. The scents of Voluspa candles are truly uplifting, and they are guaranteed to leave your home smell great! They can also last a long time. A Voluspa candle can last up to three months!

It is phthalate-free

VOLUSPA is a line of candle that is clean burning which are made with 100 100% natural wicks and cruelty-free ingredients. The candles are hand-poured and come in several scents. The Voluspa candle holder can also double as a gift holder, vase, or gift box. The size of the candle will impact the burning time. An 18oz candle could burn for up to 100 hours, while smaller ones can last for as little as 45 hours. The scents are also free of phthalates and have a life span of up to 45 hours.

The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act does not require candle manufacturers to list all their ingredients. Candles are not required disclose their fragrances as they are considered to be proprietary formulas. Manufacturers are allowed to use thousands of chemicals. In addition to phthalates many synthetic fragrances include synthetic musks, as well as other chemicals associated with weight gain and cancer. These ingredients must be avoided. Therefore, it is crucial to read the label before purchasing.

Voluspa candles are made from coconut-based wax and offer a rich fragrance throw. The fragrances are not contaminated with phthalates and parabens. The Voluspa candles come in gorgeous and recyclable vessels. A Voluspa candle can be lit to create an atmosphere of relaxation in your home. It will make your home smell amazing. The packaging is beautiful too! You will be glad that you made the investment in a high-quality candle.

It is handmade

Voluspa Candles are a wonderful gift idea. They come with a wonderful scent quality, are eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured. The wicks that they use in their candles are made from natural materials and the containers are gorgeous to throw away when the wax burns out. The containers can also be used for other purposes - as holders for tea lights, a vase, or a storage container. If they are used for decorative purposes or as functional items, Voluspa candles are a perfect choice for any event.

Voluspa candles are the most luxury home fragrances. The company offers a vast range of candles, diffusers and home fragrance products. Each candle is handcrafted with the finest ingredients. They also come in containers that can be reused. Voluspa has developed its own scents made of high-quality ingredients and rare ingredients. A Voluspa candle is a unique gift that is sure to please and enthral the recipient.

The special ingredients used in the candles come from around the world. The candles are packaged in reusableand adorable containers made of recycled materials. The candles are made of a blend of soy, coconut, apricot wax and they burn cleanly without soot. The candle's mass is created to hold as much fragrance as possible while ensuring the longevity and quality of the scent. They are also environmentally friendly and sustainable, making use of the best ingredients.

It is great for gift-giving

Voluspa candles are a great option for gifts. With exquisite scents to choose from they are the ideal choice to present a gift. These candles are hand-poured , and packaged to the highest standards of quality. They're completely phthalate-free and contain a mix of 100% cotton wicks. Voluspa candles have an unforgettable scent, making them the perfect gift for the difficult-to-shop-for recipient.

They make excellent gifts for any occasion But the brand also offers unique scents. The relaxing Cedar Chip candle, and the sultry tuberose candles are among the most popular. These candles come in compostable 60 percent packaging. Depending on the recipient's personality and preferences, a different scent could be ideal to each person. To create a unique gift consider scented candles with zodiac signs. A candle-making expert with special expertise created each scent and created the most suitable blend for each.

The Nest trio of votive candles is a great idea for a gift for the trendy. It's perfect for Instagram users due to its gold and white jars. Each candle comes in a three-wick apothecary glass that doubles as stunning decor. This candle is filled with a delightful scent that is ideal for gift-giving or displaying on a shelf. This gift is thoughtful and will give you a moment of peace wherever you travel.

It is of top quality

Voluspa candles are stunning. They come in beautiful double-purposed storage jars. They are 100% natural, have long burn times and are hand-poured. Each candle has one or two wicks. Voluspa candles last for as long as 100 hours. Voluspa candles make great gifts for any occasion.

Voluspa candles have a classy appearance that will complement any interior design. The packaging is attractive with intricate designs on the lid and delicate embossing. The candles are small and therefore ideal for smaller spaces. The scents are subtle and won't overwhelm the space. They can be purchased as a set or in gift sets. Candles are available in many fragrances and are packaged beautifully.

Voluspa offers a variety of hand-crafted, luxurious fragranced candles and diffusers. The candles are made with 100 natural wicks, and are made from organic and sustainable ingredients. This means that they burn clean and last for a long time. They are also free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. The holder is an additional unique feature of Voluspa candles.

If you're looking for a new candle you might want to start with a classic fragrance from Voluspa. The scent is similar to the hand soaps found in luxurious hotels. This fragrance is a wonderful present for the receiver. In addition, the scents of Voluspa are stunning and smell fantastic. So no matter if you're looking to purchase candles for your home or for the perfect gift These candles will impress.