Tapered Candles

Tapered Candles - A Guide to Choosing the Right Type

Tapered candles are a great option for your home. They offer a variety of benefits such as their Artistic value and historical significance. Here are some guidelines to help you select the best taper. You must weigh the advantages between each type of taper and make your choice based upon them. A tapered candle is an excellent option to add style and elegance to any room. How do you select the right one? Find out more. We also discuss the environmental stewardship of each type and their unique looks.

Historical significance

It was easier to make candles after paraffin wax was created. This material is widely used. The candle business subsequently fell after the invention the light bulb in the 19th century. Tapered candles are still very popular as decorative objects. There are many reasons this has happened. To learn more about the history behind this candle type it is beneficial to examine its evolution over different periods of time. What are the primary uses for these candles?

Candles were made from beeswax in ancient times. They were naturally yellow but they could turn white after being bleached by sunlight. White candles are used almost exclusively in palaces of royalty these days, as they are more expensive than their yellow counterparts. Split rush was also utilized for the production of candles in the past. Prior to that they were dipped into vegetable or animal fats, and then made into candles.

The 19th century witnessed the development of stearic acid. It is a solid acid that is a fatty acid that lasts and burns efficiently. Today, these candles are known as "stearin" and are popular across Europe. In the 19th century scientists discovered stearic acids, a substance made from animal fat, and then patent the process used to make candles. This new wax made candles cheaper.

Tapered candles aren't only utilized in modern homes, but also were used in ancient civilizations as a source for lighting for more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, they were used to light religious rituals such as Hanukkah. The wax was extracted from boiled cinnamon in India. In Tibet, Yak butter was used for the preparation of candles. These candles were later used to light temples and houses. In China, they were a popular source of light and have an interesting background.

Artistic quality

Beeswax candles are among the most sought-after varieties of taper candles. According to food writer Anna Stockwell, the hexagonal shape and the variety of colors of Bluecorn beeswax candles make these candles even more distinctive. You can also purchase them in bulk if you like. To purchase a taper candle that is artistic in design, you should look for the one with a linked wick.

Taper candles have an extremely long burn time. A single inch of wax can burn for up to 40 minutes. Tapered candles fit perfectly into 7/8" candle holders and are typically sold in pairs. Though they are referred to as "drip-resistant" candles, the quality of a taper candle must be determined by its "drip resistance." This is not to say that they won't drip but, even under ideal conditions, drips will occur. Therefore, it is essential to trim the wick prior to burning them.

Additionally, the artistic quality of tapered candles is highly apparent. This kind of candle is also popular with people who sell candles. A taper candle is a slim cylindrical candle that grows taller and slenderer at one end. On the other side the pillar candles require an even larger candlestick. Both types of candles can be placed in candlestick holders. One can purchase the taper candle which is equally elegant as other type of candlestick.

Taper candles can be used in any setting, formal or informal. They provide a warm glow to any room. Their flickering flame creates a romantic and serene atmosphere that is perfect for informal or formal gatherings. Taper candles can transform any space into an unforgettable experience by adding artistic flair to it. The aesthetics of taper candles will make your guests want to take a break and relax in your space. Check out the many choices.


If you're concerned about environmental impact of your candle purchase you might want to consider switching to an eco-friendly alternative. Tapered candles are generally made in small-scale factories using sustainable ingredients. You can buy these products made of recycled glass jars or resusable wax. You can also buy eco-friendly ones from companies such as Itemerie.

Soy candles are an ecologically friendly choice. They are made from sustainable, organic ingredients. Soy wax is the most suitable alternative to petroleum wax. You should also search for candles that are free from harmful fragrances, dyes and GMOs. If you're not a fan, look for a candle made from paraffin and stearin instead.

Paraffin wax is used in a lot of candles, and is not a green option. While paraffin wax isn't expensive however, it doesn't burn effectively, which makes it not suitable for candle making. Furthermore, paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum which is a major reason for climate change. Soy candles are more likely to spill wax than traditional candles due to their tendency to burn straight, which can hinder air circulation.

An eco-friendly tapered candle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Traditional candles use petroleum waste, which is not biodegradable. The toxic chemicals they release into the atmosphere are known as carcinogens. A lot of candles contain artificial fragrances and colors which can be harmful to our health. Cheap candles could cost you more than they're worth.

A distinctive look

Multilevel candlesticks are another option for multilevel coffee tables. These candlesticks are slim and can hold multiple taper candles, and even incense. They look fantastic with a variety of styles of candleholders and have a unique look. To be the most efficient, symmetrical taper candles should be paired with square bases. The dripless rectangular candles should also be placed in multi-level holders.

You need to choose colours and heights that match the furniture that is already in place in an eclectic, small house. Combining bright shades with white and black tones is a great combination. This style adds an element of personality and character to any space. You can mix neutral hues with darker accents to create a rustic farmhouse look. Mixing materials can make your room more diverse and inviting. Mix and match textures, colors, and heights to create a look that is uniquely yours.

A romantic appearance is possible with ivory taper candles and candelabras. Taper candles can be grouped together to create a romantic and fun atmosphere. You can create a romantic dining space using ivory taper candles and candelabras. This design will leave you glowing with love. Taper candles can be used to accent floral arrangements or other decorations. These holders can be used to set the mood for the wedding.

Taper candles are typically used for the tables at the reception, however, you can also use them in other places. For instance, you can place taper candles in the aisle of your wedding, and include them in the altar setting or on tables for receptions. Pick colors that complement each with each other. Colors that are pastel and blush tones create a romantic ambiance. Dark shades and deep reds create the space a sense sexiness and fun.


Tapered candles vary in price, however, they usually cost between $1 to $2. While inexpensive candles can cost priced as low as a penny and colored, scented or beeswax candles are more expensive, they tend to cost roughly the same. You could find that ten inexpensive candles are $10 and a dozen candle packages of beeswax are priced at $24 or higher.

Tapers are sold at various retail stores like IKEA where they sell them cheaply. Jubla tapers start at 7.5 inches tall and are made from stearin, which comes from animal fat. Tapers from Creative Candles cost about $20 for two. Creative Candles' blended wax blend is made up of beeswax and paraffin. You can also purchase an opulent taper with a scent from Sister Moons, which comes in five colors.

Taper candles can be made in molds which allows for mass production. This allows producers to make unusual shapes , like the star-shaped, ridged or flattened candles. Candle makers can also employ molds to make decorations. Beeswax tapers have a reputation for their distinctive scent, and are often more expensive than traditional wax tapers. The products are sold by a wide range of brands. When considering your purchase seek out a shop with a wide selection of scents and sizes. They're ideal for use at home and are great for emergency preparedness.

Taper candles are great for lighting accents in homes. They can be placed in any corner of the room and even in the middle of tables to create an eye-catching focal point. To create symmetry, use unusually large numbers of taper candles. This will let you place a central candle in center of the table and the remaining candles will cascade from the tabletop. This design is elegant and soothing.