Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles - Who Deserves a Spot on Your List?

In a recent film review, I discussed the cast and plot of sixteen candles. The film is still available on DVD and Blu-ray, but I also wanted to give an update on its release date. The cast was fantastic, and Anthony Michael Hall was just fifteen years old at the time of filming. Let's take a look at what I liked about the film! Continue reading to find out who deserves a spot on your list! But first, let's get some facts!

Film review

In my opinion, Sixteen Candles is one of John Hughes' best teen movies. It's a satire about high school sophomore Samantha Baker's struggles to make it through her 16th birthday. She has a crush on a senior, but Jake already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, her dorky freshman friend, Ted, is obsessed with getting her and Jake together. And, when her grandparents show up and take over her room, she can't find a date.

While there are no extra features on the Sixteen Candles DVD, you can skip a few minutes of filler to get to the movie's main story. The movie is rated PG, so there's some adolescent talk about sex, as well as brief nudity. But you can't blame the movie for the lackluster ending, especially when you consider how good the actors are.

Despite the movie's cheesy content, 16 Candles is still a fun film to watch. The cast of teenagers is a delightful bunch, and John Hughes has a knack for juggling all-American comic caricatures. In fact, the character played by Molly Ringwald is the only one with feelings, which makes this movie so funny. As a bonus, Justin Henry's character is also well-cast as the kid brother.

Arrow Video's Blu-ray release of Sixteen Candles is the definitive version of the film for home video. Arrow Video's presentation is the highest quality that has been available on home video. In addition to the original theatrical cut, the Arrow Blu-ray includes multiple versions of the film, along with its marketing package. As a bonus, the Arrow Blu-ray includes the theatrical version of the film, an extended version, and a home video version with a new soundtrack.


The cast of Sixteen Candles has come a long way from its original incarnation 37 years ago. From Molly Ringwald and Sean Penn to Brian Backer and Ray Walston, these characters have become icons in Hollywood. But have their actors evolved as well? And do they live up to the classic status of the movie? Find out below. Listed below are the most important characters and their respective roles in the film. In addition to the leads, there are other notable supporting characters.

Despite the film's enduring popularity, Sixteen Candles is still a favorite among young adults. The movie won Academy Award nominations for its script and performance by Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling. In fact, it has become one of the best movies of the 1980s, and its re-release has spawned an entire generation of high school comedies. Director John Hughes aimed to portray the teenage experience, appreciating the high-school high drama and letting teens know they're not alone.

Release on DVD

The release of sixteen candles on DVD features archival featurettes and 18 radio spots, new interviews with cast and crew, and technical specifications for the Blu-ray edition. In addition to audio and video, the disc also features special features, including the film's restoration. The special features on the DVD include deleted scenes and the full theatrical script. The DVD also includes three still galleries, including a shooting script, lobby cards, press photos, and production stills.

Although the non-PC slang used in the film has damaged its reputation, the film is still worth a watch. It offers a realistic, yet hilarious, look at the teenage experience. Molly Ringwald, as her sweet, innocent self, is a welcome addition to the cast, and it was the film that brought Anthony Michael Hall into the fray. He plays the role of a gangster who wants to become a rock star.

Though it doesn't have the same resemblance to the Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles is still worth watching. The film was shot on 35mm, which makes it look slightly hazy. The DVD also includes clips from the film as well as the Kajagoogoo instrumental. Subtitles in English are included, and the film is divided into 12 chapters. In addition to the soundtrack, there are also extra features on the DVD that add to the enjoyment of the film.

Arrow Video's Sixteen Candles Blu-ray edition is the definitive version of the film, making it a must-have for Hughes fans. Sixteen Candles features newly restored audio and video in 4K. There are also three versions of the film included on the Blu-ray, including the theatrical version, the extended version, and the home video version. Each of these versions has a slightly different soundtrack and is presented as bonus material.


The Arrow Video company released the Special Edition Blu-ray of Sixteen Candles. The disc is a Region A BD-50 and comes packaged in the typical Arrow case. The disc contains a booklet containing images, essays, and restoration information. The disc loads to a main menu and includes a booklet of special features. The film was previously released on home video but has now been re-released in high definition on Blu-ray.

Arrow has restored Sixteen Candles in its first Blu-ray release. This edition includes the Theatrical Cut, an alternate "home video" soundtrack, and a remastered version. In addition to the remastered version, the disc features archival extras, new interviews with cast members, and alternate home video soundtrack. It is a must-own for Hughes fans. If you want to see this film at its best, this Blu-ray is the way to go.

Sixteen Candles is a timeless teen film. It takes the crude humor of teen sex comedies and turns it into a personal perspective of mid-teen life crisis. While it is a cult classic, it stands up well to the scrutiny of its era and has still spawned debate over three decades after its release. It's also a great way to experience the film's iconic themes.

While Sixteen Candles isn't the best John Hughes film from the '80s, it's still worth watching on Blu-ray. While it doesn't have the sharp wit of the '80s cult classic A Beautiful Mind, it has its charms and is well worth the money. The Arrow Video release of Sixteen Candles is a worthy upgrade from the Universal Studios release. This Blu-ray has a much cleaner picture and an excellent surround track. It also includes a number of bonus features and is a great addition to the collection.

Other releases

While not the best John Hughes movie of the 80s, Sixteen Candles has a few redeeming qualities. While there are many good gags and fun parts to the film, it can also be a bit dodgy. The Arrow Video release is an upgrade over the Universal Studios release, offering better picture quality, two cuts, a superb surround track, and bonus features. Read on to learn more about this Arrow Video release.

Arrow Video brings Sixteen Candles to Blu-ray for the second time in the US. Arrow's restoration uses the film's original 35 mm camera negative and an aspect ratio of 1.85:1. This release includes three versions of the film, the theatrical, the extended, and the home video. The latter is notable for its different soundtrack. Arrow's Blu-ray also contains bonus material and an animated main menu. This release of the film is also available in a Region B DVD.

The film is renowned for its soundtrack, which features excellent music cues. Artists featured on the soundtrack include the Stray Cats, The Specials, Oingo Boingo, and David Bowie. The Stray Cats also contribute a version of the title track. The DVD celebrates the legacy of Sixteen Candles through archival footage and an exclusive video essay by Toronto-based writer Soraya Roberts.

Another film that shares some of the same locations as Sixteen Candles is Risky Business. The film was shot in the same Niles West High School as the original. The entrance to the school was featured in both films. Tom Cruise, meanwhile, ran into the school late for an exam in the movie. The same goes for other films of the movie. So whether you want to see Sixteen Candles on Blu-ray or DVD, make sure you check out the many releases available.