Ring Candles

How to Choose the Right Ring Candle

If you are planning on purchasing a ring candle for your fiance, you need to know how to choose the right one. There are several types to choose from, including 925 sterling silver, Soy-based, and hand-dipped beeswax. These candles offer the same quality of burning as other types of candles, but they may be better suited for some people than others. Below are the pros and cons of each type, so you can make an informed decision.

Choosing a ring candle

A ring candle is one of the most popular types of candles. These candles are not only beautiful, but they also give off an aroma that lingers long after burning. They are also a great way to provide warmth on a chilly afternoon. There are a number of reasons to use ring candles, so let's look at a few of them to learn more about their benefits and uses. Also, keep in mind that ring candles are a Royal Essence exclusive, which makes them more expensive than other candles.

The most obvious reason to choose a ring candle is its incredibly attractive packaging. Ring candles are usually slightly more expensive than other types of candles, so it's important to choose a quality product. You may also be looking for a candle that is highly fragrant and visually appealing. It's also worth considering the consensus of other consumers when deciding what type of ring candle to buy. The following tips should help you choose the right one for the right occasion.

A good ring candle will contain a ring that is wrapped in foil. Some companies make these candles especially for couples. Fragrant Jewels, for example, makes ring candles that contain a silver or gold ring. Their candles have been around for two years, and are one of the most popular brands of ring candles. However, if you're not sure what kind of jewelry you want, you can always buy rings in different sizes.

Hand-dipped beeswax

Hand-dipped beeswaX ring candles look great. The wick must be trimmed off before dipping so the candle will be flat and straight. If the wick is too long, snip the weight. The weight will help straighten the candle. Then, use a sharp knife to cut the weight off. If you cut it off early, the bottom of the candle will be tapered. If you cut it too late, the candle will look flat.

To begin, prepare the dipping vat by heating beeswax until it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the wax reaches the desired temperature, you can add more, as needed. Next, prepare the wicks by tying them to metal nuts before dipping them in the wax. Dip the wicks three times and set them aside to cool. Hand-dipped beeswax ring candles require patience and a candy thermometer. If the wax is overheated, the candle will turn dark and lumpy. Make sure to keep your candle within the correct temperature range to prevent these problems.

To begin making hand-dipped beeswax candles, you'll need a few pounds of pure beeswax. You can buy blocks of beeswax at your local beekeeping shop or from a supplier online. However, be careful to purchase clean beeswax as dirty beeswax will not burn properly.

Then, heat the beeswax to about 150 to 170 degrees. Remove the aluminum can from the pot, allow it to cool, and transfer it to your work space. Wait for 10 minutes before dipping the candle. During this time, the wax may solidify and you must warm it up again. Once the dipping is complete, you can make another candle and give it as a gift. Handmade items are thoughtful and meaningful.

925 sterling silver

If you own a ring that is 925 sterling silver, it is possible to buy a candle that looks like it is made of the precious metal. Ring candles have an excellent burn quality, allowing the wax to melt evenly in a half-inch pool. They also have a thinner wick than other candles, which prevents soot buildup. But what should you look for? Here are some of the things to look for when buying a candle made of 925 sterling silver.

First of all, ring candles cost more than your everyday candles. This is because you will be investing in a high-quality candle, so you should make sure you're getting a high-quality one. Some of the best options are fragranced and visually appealing, but it is important to consider the consensus of others before making your final decision. There are also different sizes of rings that you can choose from, so you can choose one based on your personal taste.


The most prominent benefit of soy-based ring candles is the reduction in air pollution. Paraffin candles produce soot, a by-product of incomplete combustion of petroleum. The carbon particles can cause respiratory problems and contribute to the growth of cancer in firefighters. The soot from soy candles is non-toxic, and its absence reduces our dependence on non-renewable crude oil. Soy candles are a healthier choice for humans, pets, and the environment.

The wax used in soy candles is easier to clean than paraffin wax. In addition, soy candles help American farmers. Because soy crops are grown in the U.S., the price of soy candles is similar to the cost of paraffin candles. Aside from reducing waste, soy candles burn evenly and minimize the amount of unburned wax on the jars' sides. In addition, soy candles throw a pleasant scent.

Soy-based ring candles are a unique gift idea. These candles have an actual ring inside and cost anywhere from $10 to $5000. The scents are as varied as the rings themselves. The candles can be made with multiple scents, including those that are not considered harmful to health. The soy-based wax is also biodegradable, so your gift recipient won't have to worry about a flammable candle.

Ring candles are a popular gift choice, but they're also more expensive than other types of candles. Before you purchase one, make sure you know how to choose it! Before you buy, consider what other people think about its scent and its price. If you're unsure about which scents to choose, make sure to read reviews and look for ratings before purchasing it. You'll be happier with your purchase when everyone else enjoys it!

Wooden stick

Whether you're making holiday decorations, displaying a wedding cake, or using ring candles on the mantel, a wooden stick can add elegance to the display. These ring candles sit around a candle to give it a stylish look. Wooden stick ring candles come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your décor. Here are a few examples. Listed below are some of the many options available for wooden candle sticks.