Large Candles

Popular Brands and Styles of Large Candles

If you're looking for a great accent for your home, consider big candles. The perfect decorative accent for any room, big candles are a great way to add a touch of glamour to a space. You can find large candles in all types of sizes and shapes. Choose from a variety of brands and styles, including Diptyque, Baobab, and Fornasetti. Read on to discover more. Listed below are some popular brands that offer large candles.


Fornasetti's ceramic ice bucket was a design from the 1950s, and the famous artist was known for creating several variations of his designs. His ceramic ware is hand decorated in Italy and his candles are made of 100% vegetable wax to ensure a clean burn and an even fragrance diffusion. The candle's design and scent are inspired by the snake, which represents original sin and temptation. A perfect combination of jasmine, bergamot, and cedar wood combine to create a rich and luxurious fragrance.

Fornasetti is a well-known name among surrealist artists, and the Fornasetti family has taken this artwork and translated it into high-quality design objects. For example, Fornasetti plates are beautiful decorative wall plates, and while some people use them for eating, they're usually used to decorate plate cabinets or walls. They're attached to walls using string. Buying a Fornasetti candle is an excellent investment.

Another of the house's most popular candles is the Flora, named after a garden in Milan. It's filled with floral notes including sweet lily of the valley, perfumed jasmine, and sultry sandalwood. Among its other scents, the Flora Tall Candle also comes with a ceramic vessel that carries iconic illustrations of blossoming flowers. There's no need to leave the house to experience this beautiful fragrance.

Each candle is poured by hand in a ceramic jar that houses a delicious scent. The scent was created by master perfumer Olivier Polge and is composed of thyme and lavender, orris, cedarwood, and birch. They're made from vegetable wax and last for about 180-200 hours. It is recommended that you burn these candles for no more than four hours at a time.


Diptyque candles are among the most popular luxury scented candles on the market. Known for their exceptional quality, these candles don't contain synthetic fragrances, which is a nice relief for customers concerned about the chemicals they introduce into their homes. Luxury scented candles often contain synthetic fragrances, which can cause health issues for some people. Therefore, it's important to choose candles with all-natural fragrances, such as Diptyque.

One of Diptyque's most popular scents is Choisya, which is known as Mexican orange blossom. The nectar of this flower is delicious and makes it popular with pollinators. This candle features notes of neroli citrus and herbal herbs, without being saccharine. Another favorite of Diptyque's is Tubereuse, a white-floral fragrance with an enigmatic black licorice note.

Diptyque produces a wide variety of candles, from mini-size 70g ones to 51-ounce jars. The larger the candle, the more powerful the fragrance. However, small-sized Diptyque candles are perfect for starters. You can even make use of them as storage for brushes or flowers, if you don't want to waste the candle. But don't let the size fool you, as the Diptyque collection is quite affordable.

A typical Diptyque candle contains 13 different scents. Choose a scent that fits your mood. You can choose from the classic Vanilla, Feuille de Lavande, or a more exotic one, Oud. These scents are all cult favorites, and you're sure to find one that you love. If your romance is new, a Diptyque candle can be the perfect complement. They can even be used to mark special occasions, such as anniversaries or romantic getaways.

The Diptyque candle has three wicks and a burn time of up to 240 hours. The candles contain notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and Mediterranean herbs. The Diptyque candle is a classic and can be burned for a long time. These candles are available in different scents, and each one is different from the other. And they're not cheap, either. There's a reason the Diptyque brand is so popular: they're made by a world-famous porcelain atelier.

Le Labo

With a variety of scents and city-exclusive fragrances, the Le Labo line is sure to please any fragrance lover. Hand-poured in Mississippi, the candles are composed of soy wax and a pure cotton wick. The Verveine 23 fragrance is a blend of eucalyptus, galbanum, and floral notes. The Palo Santo scent features elements of patchouli, cedarwood, and labdanum.

The scent of the Santal 33 candle has been the iconic fragrance from Le Labo for years. It has an addictive quality, and is reminiscent of the smell of an old Marlboro commercial. The scent includes notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, iris, and violet, as well as musk. For a more luxurious fragrance, you can opt for the Le Labo Santal 33 dupe. It is an elegant choice, and you'll want to keep a few on hand for special occasions.

If you're looking for a scent that will last for hours, you should consider the Santal 26 four-wick candle. It is made of 100% soy wax and is encased in a statement-making concrete container. The scent of the Santal 26 is a rich, woody-spicy blend. The burn time is 50 hours. You can find it at Nordstrom for $49. A similar scent is also available in a small size for around $24.


Inexpensive home fragrances and unique designs can be combined in a Baobab candle. These candles are expertly poured in glass vases and are known for their large size. These exotic candles offer an extraordinary interior experience. You can choose from a variety of scents and sizes to match any decor. The large size of the candle allows it to fill large rooms. If you have a large room, a large candle may be more suitable than one smaller one.

The Baobab COLLECTION was named after the iconic trees found in African savannahs. This home fragrance brand has made it its mission to bring the spirit of global travel into the home with their elegant and unique designs and scents. The candles are made from fine paraffin wax and Egyptian cotton wicks and use fragrances developed by master perfumers in Grasse. There are also Baobab candles in the Pearls and Stones collections.

The Baobab Collection offers a wide range of candles and diffusers. These beautiful pieces have been hand-blown by master craftsmen and are decorated with the brand's logo. All the pieces in this collection are carefully packaged in elegant black boxes. A Baobab Collection candle will complement any décor. If you want a unique candle for your home, consider one of the Large Baobab candles. Your home will be a place to relax, so why not add some aromatherapy to your living space?

Baobab Black Pearls Large Scented Candle is set in a hand-blown glass vase. This candle's glaze evokes the lustrous finish of precious stones. The fragrance is a mysterious blend of Black Rose and Ginger. It is strong and intense, and it will add a touch of exotic elegance to your interior. This candle is an excellent gift for someone you care about. They are sure to delight.