Fireplace Candles

Choosing Fireplace Candles

If you want to add the beauty of candles to your fireplace, here are some tips on choosing the perfect ones for your home. The best way to place candles in your fireplace is to leave at least three inches between each one. This will help them breathe and prevent overheating, as well as give you the option of making an artful arrangement. You can also position taller candles at the back of the fireplace while smaller ones should be closer to the front.

Luminara flameless pillar candle

The Luminara flameless pillar candle for your fireplace adds ambiance with its realistic flame movement. It measures six inches across and seven inches high. Available in three different sizes, this pillar candle comes with a gift box. A flameless pillar candle can make a great gift for any occasion. Read on to learn more about this product. We've listed some of the best options for a fireplace accessory below.

The Luminara flameless pillar candle is an excellent alternative to a real blaze. This candle is realistic, and it looks like a real flame, but it won't catch on fire and is perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor use. It also works as an excellent decorative piece for stairways, tables, and other places. With its timer function, Luminara is a versatile option for your home decor.

For added convenience, the Luminara flameless pillar candle for your fireplace comes with a timer. The timer can be programmed for a five-hour on, 19-hours-off cycle. That sounds perfect for the evening hours, but if you want to enjoy the flame during the night, a five-hour cycle will do just fine. Just set the timer and the candle will be turned on automatically at 6 p.m. If you'd rather have the candle on all night, you can use a remote control. The remote control is also battery operated, so you can enjoy the flameless fireplace accessory whenever you want.

Aside from Luminara, Wayfair and Walmart carry a variety of different brands and styles of flameless candles. You can also find the Deco Wick brand flameless candles at these stores. Other great options include candle accessories such as votives and scented candles. You can also find flameless candles online at Dollar Tree and several independent eCommerce stores. You can also browse Luminara flameless pillar candle sets.

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional candles, you might want to try one of the many flameless taper candles. These are made of real wax and come in sets of two. They are nine inches tall and one inch in diameter, and can fit into most standard candle holders. Alternatively, you can use these flameless taper candles in hanging candelabras and sconces. The flameless taper candle for fireplace is perfect for replacing a traditional candle.

Norden's "Big Sur" fireplace candle

The Norden's "Big Sur" fireplace scent transports you to the campfire in the Redwoods, and it comes in an attractive ceramic jar. Designed by British master Tom Dixon, this candle has a slightly Morrocan feel to it, and the subtle sweetness of a redwood log adds to its allure. It makes a lovely gift, or bedside variation. Whether your home is cozy or modern, the scents of this candle will enhance any home.

SEI Furniture 9 candle wrought iron candelabra fireplace log candle holder

For filling empty mantels and shelves, the SEI Furniture 9 candle wrought iron candeslabra fireplace log holder is the perfect choice. Featuring nine open spaces, it can hold a variety of wax candles in different sizes. Its sturdy construction makes it an ideal choice for any home decor. Clean-up is a breeze too. Simply use soap and water to wipe it clean. You can even use Windex to disinfect it.

The black metal candelabra is made of durable metal and can accommodate up to nine candles. It has a 3.6-inch-diameter candle platform and can accommodate flameless and battery-operated candles. This candle holder is approximately 18.5 inches high and 13 inches wide. If you want more candles, you can buy a different model. This candle holder is available in two different colors: black or white.

When choosing a fireplace log candle holder, you should consider the type of logs you want to display. You can find many of them online. If you'd prefer to purchase a real candle, you should look for one with a high quality wick. However, if you're looking for an alternative, you can also purchase a flameless candle. The candle holder is great for either a traditional or a contemporary style fireplace.

The SEI Furniture 9 candle wrought iron candelilabra fireplace log candle holder is the perfect choice for fireplaces and other open spaces. Besides holding candles, it also features a plant stand. It is made of durable metal and measures 23.6 inches from top to bottom. Its width and depth is approximately 27 inches. The wrought iron candelabra is also durable.

While candelabras are elegant and regal, they can be expensive. Fireplace candle holders are the most affordable option if you're looking for a simple but decorative fireplace accessory. It's easy to clean and fits in just about any setting. And the best part? You can buy a whole set and switch them out whenever you want. If you plan to burn multiple candles at once, it's wise to invest in a large set of candleholders.

Choose a design that complements the style of your home. Color plays a huge role in the overall look of a room. Try to avoid choosing anything that's too busy or too intricate. If you can't afford an expensive model, you can always find similar alternatives online. Metal holders are generally more affordable than wood and plastic ones are lighter, but they may break easily.