Essential Oil Candles

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Candles

You can make your own essential oil candles at home and use them anywhere a regular candle could. They are getting more and more popular and the essential oil candle community is increasing in popularity. Find out more about these candles and their numerous benefits. Here's a brief overview of the ingredients, prices and scents. Check out our reviews to determine which are the most effective. You'll be glad you did! Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of essential oil candles.

Aromatherapy benefits

The benefits of aromatherapy of essential oil candles can be experienced through the inhalation of the scents of the oils. The scents stimulate the olfactory nerves in the body, thereby sending signals to the limbic system of the brain, which manages emotional stress, memory and emotion. The natural extracts can be inhaled to aid the body and mind heal. There are a variety of aromatherapy products on the market and some contain essential oils in blends.

The aromas of essential oils have been used for centuries in massages and baths and they were among the primary methods used for embalming. These candles could possess calming properties because of the relaxing scents that are associated with relaxation. Aromatherapy candles must not be made of synthetic or petroleum wax. Such candles may not contain essential oils or essential oils that make them so effective. Soy candles are superior to petroleum-based candles.

Lavender is among the most well-known aromatherapy scents. It is a natural antibacterial oil with antiseptic properties. It encourages relaxation and treats headaches. It is a great all-rounder. Rose is another popular scent and is considered one of the top aromatherapy oils for mental health. Its benefits include treating depression, anxiety, menopausal and insomnia. It can also improve your alertness and help you concentrate better.

The aromatherapy benefits of essential oil candles go beyond sleeping. Sleep is crucial to develop and grow, and a lack of sleep can lead to physical and mental discomfort. You can have a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep by implementing steps to calm your mind prior to bed. Lavender is known for its ability to calm nerves, and is a natural remedy to relax. Additionally, it aids in settling the body into a deep sleep.


When making your own essential oil candles it is necessary to begin by melting the wax in a double boiler or over low temperature. When the wax is at the desired temperature, add the essential oils and allow the mixture to cool down to 185 degrees. When the wax is cool enough to be able to handle it, you can put the wicks into the jars. To ensure that the wicks remain straight and aligned you can use an Wick holder. After the wax cools to the right temperature then cover the jars with a tight seal. It is important to let them cool completely before lighting them.

While essential oils can be used in candles with essential oils, you need to know the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. Essential oils are derived from plants and their parts, while fragrance oils are made of synthetic materials. If you're brand new to candle making, you might prefer to start with the use of a synthetic fragrance oil in order to learn the process and technique. Once you've gotten the process down, you can graduate to essential oils after having established a solid foundation.

Essential oils have a variety of benefits but they are not safe to burn. They may contain allergens and irritants, however the concentrations used in candles aren't too high that they pose a health risk. Additionally, you might be unable to discern scents after a few burns. So, you might want to make sure you read the ingredients label on your candle carefully. Before you buy a candle, ensure that you have read the ingredients label.

When you select an essential oil to make your essential oil candles, make certain to look for the therapeutic grade label. Essential oils that are A-grade are the most effective for making essential oil candles. You'll also want to select scents that have delicate, soft aroma. For those with strong scents you should pick lemon, eucalyptus, or lavender. You can also use citrus or floral scents to create a soft aroma.

Scents available

The fragrance of scented candles can provide a range of advantages. Essential oils have been used for many thousands of years as a way to improve health and well-being. They can be used in a variety of applications, from topical applications to diffusers and candles, of course. However, essential oils are not a cure-all to all fragrance problems. Before choosing the right scent, candle makers should be aware of these crucial factors.

The first thing to look for in an aromatherapy candle is the scent. A variety of scents are available, from delicate and earthy to strong and intoxicating. To avoid burning the candle quickly, it is recommended to select a candle that has a pleasant scent and a long burning time. Certain aromatherapy candles are affordable, like those made by Mrs. Meyer. If you're unsure of which scent you prefer, you can research the benefits of each oil.

While lavender is a favorite choice but other scents can help relieve stress. Peppermint, bergamot, and rosemary have a pleasant, citrus scent which makes them ideal for all seasons. Tea tree oil, for instance is antiseptic that can help keep your bathroom and kitchen free of germs and bad smells. Essential oil candles are a great way to relax and unwind.

There are a myriad of essential oils that can be blended to make the perfect aromatherapy candle. For example, Rosemary is a highly stimulating essential oil that improves memory and concentration. Rosemary is excellent for uplifting people and can be blended with other oils such as Lemongrass, Basil or Spearmint to create a blend that meets your needs. But, you might want to check with a trusted source before buying candles.


While certain essential oil candles may be affordable, others could be a bit more expensive than a typical scented candle. While the price of a candle's candle is usually dependent on its quality and the scent however, the typical essential oil candle will cost around $25, with a few exceptions. Candles that contain only one scent may be costly. You will need to purchase additional scents over time. A diffuser will retain its scent for longer and can be used in different rooms.

Selecting an essential oil for a candle has several benefits. In contrast to fragrance oils oils are completely natural. They are a healthier and safer alternative to synthetic fragrance oils. The fragrance oils may be more expensive, however they also come with an extensive selection of scents than essential oils. Fragrance oils can also contain harmful chemicals that can cause harm to the environment. Another benefit of using essential oils is that they are green. Additionally, they're derived from plants, so they pose few health risks.

If you're looking to purchase essential oil candles, it's important to select only the best candles. Choose essential oils that are therapeutic in nature. They should be able to carry an A-grade certification to ensure that you're getting the greatest benefits. The candles you purchase should have a pleasant, gentle scent. Essential oil candles are great for citrus and floral scents because they have a lighter scent. Different kinds of wax require different amounts of oil.

Another benefit is that a high-quality product will cost more. A jar of essential oils costs between $200 and $250, which is the same as 22 pounds of rose petals. While this is a fantastic bargain, the cost of a candle may increase, especially when it has a weaker scent than the standard one. The only downside to purchasing the cheapest essential oil candle is that you won't receive the same quality as a top-quality product.

How do you make them?

You can mix and mix essential oils when making essential oil candles to create your personal scent. You can also use fragrance oils that are made specifically for making candles. There are many scent options such as fresh-cut flower arrangements and fresh-cut mint. Essential oils are naturally less fragrant than chemical scents. However, you can combine the two to create a stronger, more powerful scent. Here are some tips to create your own essential oil candles.

Take measurements of the essential oil and wax first. To determine the right amount, you'll have to measure every ingredient. Most candle makers recommend using about 6 grams of essential oils per 1 pound of wax. Once you've calculated the amount you need, you can put the mixture in your candle container. After the wax has been cooled and the essential oils have been added to the mixture and stir until the oils are evenly distributed. If you wish, you can also add a coloring agent to the mixture.

You will need to heat your oils in a double boiler before mixing them. The wax should be around fifty to five degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches the desired temperature then add your essential oils. Be sure to leave the candles to cool completely prior to lighting them, since they may crack or pull apart when heated to high temperatures. To prevent this, heat the containers of wax in the oven to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the candles cool completely after adding essential oils. They are ready for use when they've been cooled.

When you're making essential oil candles, you'll have to add the required amount of drops of essential oil to the wax. The appropriate ratio will depend on the essential oil you pick. In general the ratio of three ounces of soy wax to thirty-five to forty drops of essential oil will create a strong, pleasant aroma. Because of this, essential oil candles can last for a long time. It is worth investing in the appropriate ingredients when making your own candles.