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DW Candles - Ibiza and Ibiza Scents

If you love the scent of summer and want to relax and unwind with a lovely candle, DW Home is the right place for you. Hand poured and richly scented, these candles have given our office an awesome aroma. We chose the Mermaid Shimmer, a shimmering aqua blue with silver glitter sparkles. The scent is a mix of juicy blood orange, salted mango, dewy florals, citrus bergamot, and sea kelp. If you're into a sweet vanilla scent, then the Rainbow Caticorn is for you.

DW Home

DW Home candles have become one of the most popular choices of consumers and retailers. Designed in California, these stylish candles add a luxurious ambiance to any room. Not only do they brighten the room, they also create an intimate atmosphere while spreading a pleasant fragrance throughout the room. The company's mission is to satisfy the needs of consumers and retailers and consistently outpace the competition by setting new standards for candle design. This innovative company works with leading American designers to continually improve its technology, and design products.

DW Home's unique fragrances are created in the United States, so you can feel confident that you are getting the finest possible scent. The candle's wax formulas are also made in the United States, ensuring premium quality. In addition to premium fragrances, DW Home candles are designed to last for months or even years. You'll also find a variety of packaging options to choose from, including containers that are both stylish and practical.

The company's scents are as diverse as their offerings. The "cabin in the woods" scent combines fruity apple and rich vanilla with warm woody notes like cinnamon and nutmeg. You'll also notice a blend of apple scents and moss, and even pumpkin base notes. These scents will make you feel cozy and at home in no time. If you're looking for a scent that is more seasonal, try pumpkin spice, vanilla, or maple syrup.

Ibiza candle

DW candles' Ibiza scent is a unique blend of apple and cinnamon. The combination of apple scents and a base of moss and mint is reminiscent of the traditional scent of a cabin in the woods. This scent is especially pleasant for those who spend their summers in the sunny climes of Ibiza. The fragrance is reminiscent of the rich apple pie that is a favorite of many tourists and natives alike.

Dw candles has a variety of unique scents for men and women. Men's scents often include leather, smoky wood and blossoms. These scents are both relaxing and energizing. The fall fragrances are also popular with women and men. Pumpkin spice and chocolate are both delicious and addictive. This candle is a perfect combination of a sweet and savory scent. No matter what you like, you'll love this uplifting scent.

Warm cabin in the woods

DW candles have a wide variety of scents to suit your tastes. Their apple-based scents will remind you of apple pie and cinnamon are combined with warm vanilla. You'll also enjoy the scent of moss, nutmeg, and pumpkin base notes. You'll feel like you're in a wooded cabin. Whether you're looking for a more traditional cabin scent, or one with a more modern spin, you'll love DW candles.


If you've ever visited Ibiza, you've probably noticed the scent. Ibiza dw candles are made to remind you of the island's unique atmosphere, including ozone-infused citrus fragrances, sea-salted herbs and marine grass, woody notes and balsamic amber. They will transport you to a Mediterranean vacation, and even make you want to stay in Ibiza all year round.

Soda shop

Hand-poured and richly scented, Soda Shop DW candles have given my office a wonderful scent. I especially love the Mermaid Shimmer candle, which is aqua blue with silver glitter sparkles. Its rich scent is a mix of juicy blood orange and salted mango, a hint of sea kelp, and citrus bergamot and vanilla. The Rainbow Caticorn candle smells like a vanilla cream ice cream, while the Blue Moonlight is a refreshing blend of musk and oak.

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