Cool Candles

Cool Candles - How to Find One That Suits Your Tastes

If you're into candles, you might want to consider finding unique cool candles. These unique candles have many uses, including decorative and ambiance-related ones. Soy blends, Beeswax, and Paraffin are some of the most common ingredients in candles. Read on to learn more about these materials. There's definitely a cool candle for everyone! In this article, you'll discover the benefits of each, as well as how to find one that suits your tastes.

Soy wax

Soy wax candles do not burn hot like paraffin wax. Because of this, they require a thicker wick. Because soy wax candles are not 100% flame-proof, you should trim them regularly. Keep them between 6 and 8 mm thick. Proper wick trimming ensures a long-lasting candle and reduces soot and carbon mushrooming. Here's how to cut a wick. In addition to reducing soot, wick trimming will also ensure that the candle burns cleanly.

To melt Soy wax, first place the flakes in a glass bowl. Then, place the glass bowl over a pot of hot water. Heat the bowl, stirring occasionally, until the wax flakes are melted. You will need about a cup of melted wax for every two cups of soy wax flakes. Next, add fragrance oil to the wax. Add 4 drops per cup of wax. Once the wax has reached the desired consistency, pour it into jars. After the wax cools, twist the wick around a pencil or skewer.

To use fragrance oils in Soy wax, be sure to check the flash point of each scent. While fragrance oils that have a flash point of less than 185F can be added to the wax, fragrance oils that have a higher flash point must be anchored to prevent burning off. When adding fragrance oils to Soy wax, keep in mind that soy is softer than paraffin, so use caution and follow the instructions carefully.


If you're looking for an unusual gift idea, consider a cool candle made with beeswax. Pure beeswax candles come in various shapes and sizes, from cute beehives to cylinders. They're hand-poured in the US and can burn for up to six hours. If you're a frequent candle user, you can even buy bulk packs of 36.

Before you begin, prepare your candle-making area with newspaper or cardboard. Place a large pot on top of it, about halfway full. Carefully pour the beeswax in the pot, making sure not to use direct heat, which can burn the wax and change its color. Alternatively, you can use a large Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. Be sure to heat it in bursts to prevent it from overheating.

Another way to make candles from beeswax is by using molds. If you're creating a long-burning beeswax candle, a silicone mold will ensure a consistent, even burn. The downside of silicone molds is that they're more expensive than standard wooden candle molds, but they're much easier to use. A silicone candle mold will last hundreds of pours.


Paraffin wax has been a common candle material for decades, largely because it is inexpensive. However, recent research has revealed a few drawbacks. It is known to cause eye irritation and soreness. So, if you're worried about the effects of burning paraffin, you should probably avoid these candles. Instead, use a natural wax such as beeswax. It's also good for the environment.

Soy wax is a newcomer to the candle industry. This vegetable-based wax was developed in the early 1990s in response to a demand for natural candles. Soy candles, like soy-wax-based candles, usually contain some paraffin. The good news is that some soy-wax-based candles don't have paraffin at all. This is because soy is genetically modified, and the remaining ninety percent of soy is mixed with other oils.

When it comes to paraffin wax, there are many options available. The International Group, Inc. (IGI) produces the most common brands. Most paraffin wax offerings are branded with the company's name and number. You can purchase IGI 4627 from several suppliers. You can also look for other wax types, such as beeswax, to find the right combination for your project. This wax is also widely available.

Soy blends

Soy blends for cool candles can be very popular with candle makers. While many people love the idea of soy candles, they're worried about the potential for dryness and frosting. A natural characteristic of pure soy wax is a "bloom," or a ring of wax around the top of the candle. Whether a candle has frosting or not is up to the individual candle maker. The frosting can be difficult to spot, but it's a natural part of the soy experience.

Soy wax is often blended with other waxes, such as palm and coconut oil. Some candle makers even use a combination of soy and paraffin. Soy blends are considered "cool candles" if they contain at least 51% soy. Soy beans are environmentally friendly and renewable. They also are biodegradable. Therefore, they are a great choice for eco-friendly candles. Soy wax candles are an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin-based candles.

Soy candles have a lower melting point than paraffin wax. This means that they may release a small amount of fragrance oils due to the rapid changes in temperature during shipping. Fortunately, this sweat won't affect the quality of the burn and won't appear again after the first burn. In addition, they're great gifts for Christmas or other special occasions. Soy candles make wonderful gifts. The price of soy candles is reasonable too. If you don't mind a small amount of effort, you can make several candles with a single recipe.

Scented blends

A blend of fragrance oils is a great way to customize the scent of your cool candles. Some people use blended wax, soy wax chips, or paraffin wax to create scented candles. To create the right blend, combine two ounces of essential oil per pound of wax. To create a stronger scent, use four ounces of essential oil. However, you should make sure you use the right amount of essential oil, as the ratio can change.

Most of the fragrance oils in candles are made from artificial ingredients. Because the scent from synthetic fragrance oils is not as strong, candle makers must use a higher percentage of the oil to produce the fragrance. Still, essential oils are safer and more effective than synthetic fragrance oils. These oils are also better for you than fragrance oil. The smell of cool candles will last longer and have a richer scent than those made from artificial fragrance oils.

Among the more popular scented candles in the market are apple pie, vanilla, and chocolate. These are great for fall and winter months, as they remind us of the best desserts of our childhood. Scented blends in cool candles will provide a warm atmosphere without being overpowering. Whether you're looking for a cool candle or something sweet to wake you up in the morning, the perfect blend will be the one for you.

Skull/Brain combos

Skull/Brain candle combinations are a fun way to add some spooky to your home. These candles are 15 oz. and come with two cotton wicks and creepy red brains. Skull/Brain candles are made of parasoy and soy blend wax and use phthalate-free fragrance oils. Depending on your mood, skull/brain candles can be found in a variety of scents and colors.

Yin Yang holders

Yin and Yang candleholders are decorative ceramic candles with separate scents. When burnt together, these candles create a completely new fragrance. These unique candleholders encourage us to slow down and find inner peace. They can be placed together or apart and have healing properties. Here are some reasons you should try them out. These candleholders are a unique way to display cool candles. They are also a great gift idea!

The Yin Yang symbolism has many meanings. The word 'yin' means two halves, and yang means "yang." As the Chinese call the sun and the yin the'shady' side of the moon, it's no wonder that many Chinese culture rituals involve a celebration of the moon. Besides being a perfect way to honor the moon, they represent wholeness and balance.

Ying Yung candle holders are another great way to enhance the environment. These natural salt candle holders create a barrier between the candle and the surface. This makes the candle burn evenly. The salt is also known for its health benefits. When cool, it absorbs positive ions, which make the air around us cleaner. When heated, it produces negative ions. These ions help cleanse the air and improve breathing.