Candle Holders

Types of Candle Holders

There are several different kinds of candle holders. Candleholders can be Candelabras, Votives, Hurricanes, and Tapers. Each style can add a special touch to a room. The following article will explain the various types of candle holders available. You may be interested in one type of candleholder for your home, or a combination of different types. Choose the type that best suits your decor and style. Weigh the pros and cons of each to help you choose the perfect one.


A candelabra is an interesting choice for a candle holder. This decorative object is more than a candle holder. It can be any shape and can hold anything from large taper candles to tiny votive candles. The variety of candelabras is astounding. You can find them in modern styles and motifs, and they make wonderful gifts. Candle holders can also be used as decorative accents, as they can be paired with scented candles.

There are countless uses for candle holders, from candy and pen holders to coffee table centerpieces. Not only do candle holders provide a beautiful, romantic ambiance, but they are also extremely versatile. When deciding on where to put them, think about the room you plan to place them. Choose a candle holder that is safe for children and pets. Make sure to trim the wick before lighting each candle so the flame stays small. When putting out the candle, you'll want to be careful not to spill hot wax.

The design of candle holders is as varied as the design. You can purchase votive candle holders that double as flower vases. You can also purchase geometric candle holders filled with colored sand or crushed stones to add an artistic accent to your space. Candle holders are a practical and beautiful gift for any occasion. You can even give them as housewarming gifts for friends and family. Regardless of the reason for giving a gift, they will surely make the recipient happy.

While candleholders may be decorative accents, they can also be useful for a decorative purpose. If you want to add some sparkle to your interior, consider a pair of crystal candlesticks. You can match them with crystal picture frames, coasters, and cake plates. Using scented candles will create a relaxing mood. Try a Juliska Berry & Thread glassware votive for this purpose. You can find candlesticks that match any theme, from contemporary to old-fashioned.

Votive candle holders

Votive candle holders are decorative pieces that hold standard votive candles. Votives are a smaller style of candle compared to tealight candles and are ideal for placing anywhere in the home. Whether you want to decorate a table, desk, or shelf, votives are an excellent option. Here are a few tips for choosing votive candle holders. If you plan on selling your candles, it is important to choose the right scents and containers.

Votive candles are a classic and versatile decorative addition to any room. They add charm and a soothing ambiance to your table setting, and they're much more affordable than taper candles. These candles are available in a variety of colors, scents, and sizes, and their base is usually no more than 1.5 inches wide. Depending on the size of the candle, there are a variety of different holders available for them, so choose a style that fits your decor.

When choosing votive candle holders, make sure you buy the right size. The diameter of a votive candle should be twice the diameter of the holder. This will prevent any excess wax from being unused when the wick has burnt down. Tealights are smaller than votives, and they can be used in either style of holder. Tealights have a plastic or metal cup that holds the flame and the wax.

While votive candles come without a container, they are often sold without a container. You can buy votive holders at craft stores or home goods stores. However, if you want to make your own votive candle holders, you can also purchase pre-poured candles in a glass container. Afterward, you can reuse your votive candle holders in other rooms for another look. The best option for votive candle holders is glass, which is both heat-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Taper candle holders

If you're looking to add a charming decorative accent to your home, consider adding taper candle holders to your home decor. These candle holders display standard taper candles in beautiful, elegant ways. Taper candle holders are an excellent choice for any home decor, including tabletop and mantle decoration. These candlesticks can also serve as lovely wedding centerpieces. You can purchase individual tapers or sets of three. Just be sure to choose the correct size of taper candle holder to match your tabletop style.

When choosing the right color and style for your wedding decor, consider the season. Fall weddings have an abundance of autumn colors, and tapers in peach, orange, and burnt sienna look a bit playful. A modern wedding might call for yellow or green candles, which add a subtle hint of warmth. Similarly, a rustic wedding could benefit from black candles. Tall, black tapers can be displayed in a pair of antique candle holders for a more elegant look.

Taper candles are made using various types of wax. Some producers use paraffin wax, while others opt for cleaner-burning oils. Other types of wax are colored or scented. Despite their versatility, you'll find plain white taper candles everywhere. Just remember to keep them well-placed. Otherwise, they may fall over, spreading fire and making a big mess. That's why choosing a taper candle holder is so important.

A simple tablescape with a lot of white can look more elegant with a bold pop of color. For example, navy pillar candles with a white tablecloth would add gravitas to the reception table. They would also coordinate well with vintage blue and white place settings and make bright floral arrangements pop. You could also use a light, neutral linen for a more formal affair. This way, the tapers would pop against the tablecloth.

Hurricane candle holders

Hurricane candle holders are a charming and decorative way to add a touch of warmth to any room. Available in a variety of styles and materials, hurricanes are a popular choice for holiday home decorations. You can place them on decorative trays, display them on a mantel, or attach them to a wall. Larger hurricanes can also be used as vases filled with flowers or fresh flowers. The hurricane glass shape keeps the wind from blowing out the candle flame.

A hurricane candle holder is a tall glass vessel with a curved top and sides. It protects the candle flame and can hold many types of candles. Hurricane candle holders come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The hurricane candle holder fits all types of candles, including votives, pillar candles, and real wax. You can also use hurricane candle holders with flameless candles, as long as you don't burn them down!

Hurricane candle holders come in tall glass varieties and can be used with tall glass candles. Before using hurricane candles, however, make sure they fit securely in the hurricane glass holder. You should also keep a match head and wick trimming out of the wax pool, as these could break and cause a fire hazard. If you choose a tall glass hurricane candle holder, you should ensure that it has a secure fit, as it can crack under the heat.

Hurricane glass candle holders are beautiful and versatile. They add a cozy glow to any room. You can use hurricane candle holders as centerpieces or in a table centerpiece. You can also use hurricane candle holders to accent your desk, nightstand, or bookshelf. Hurricane glass hurricane holders are made of a combination of glass, metal, and even recycled glass. If you're on a budget, hurricane candle holders can be a great way to save money on your home decor.

Tealight candle holders

Decorative tealight candle holders are a great way to add a unique touch to any space. Wooden tealight candle holders are an elegant way to scatter candlelight. The clear, round glass cups can be used to hold tealight candles, and can complement other decor. Wooden tealight candle holders can also be purchased with cracked or plain wood, for an even more dramatic look. No matter what kind of decor you have in mind, tealight candle holders will fit right in.

Whether you want a rustic feel or a modern, Scandinavian feel, a wooden tealight holder will fit in perfectly. You can find several different shapes to suit your theme, and they can also be handmade. You can choose between real or electronic tealights for the perfect look! These candle holders are not only beautiful, but they can also serve as functional accent pieces. If you are not a creative type, you can always try your hand at creating your own candleholders to display your favorite tealights.

If you prefer a natural look, you can find tealight candle holders that look like real pumpkins. These can be painted white or any other color that you would like. The brighter tones will stand out, while the white color will add a nice fall feel to any home decor. Then, simply fill the jar with water, placing tealight candles inside. If you are feeling a bit boho, you can also add leaves around the jar to make it even more rustic and attractive.

Tealights are often referred to as "tea lights" or "tea candles" because they are small, cylindrical, and contain a tealight inside. The shape of a tealight is similar to a candle, but the candle is enclosed within a thin plastic or metal cup. Tealights are often smaller than taper candles. Some tealight holders feature a pierced wall to let light pass through it.