Bulk Candles

Save Money With Bulk Candles

To save money on your next candle purchase, consider buying bulk candles. Bulk candles come in a variety of styles and scents. You can choose from Unscented bulk votive candles or Scented bulk pillar candles. You can also purchase a matching metal lid that matches the container. These lids are available in silver or white. To complete your marketing theme, you can even choose a matching candle holder to use in the packaging.

Unscented bulk votive candles

Unscented bulk votive candles are a great way to accent larger displays or use as a decorative accent at a special event. They're available in white and are 288 in a case. To use, simply place the candles into a votive holder. Once burned, they will liquefy and give off a beautiful glow. Unlike scented candles, they won't affect the smell of the food they're lit near.

Unscented bulk votive candles come in a variety of scents and styles. Votive candles have a 14 to 16-hour burn time and are great for home prayer spaces. Because they burn cleanly, bulk unscented candles should be used in votive holders. To reduce the risk of wick damage, opt for fragrance-free bulk candles. Then, you'll be saving money on packaging. These candles are perfect for gifting!

When choosing your bulk candles, always make sure to consider the fragrance and melting point. The wax in a candle affects its burning speed. A votive candle in a glass holder will burn much faster than one in a ceramic or metal container. When choosing a scent, make sure to choose a candle that is both appealing and easy to light. It's also important to consider your marketing strategies. If you're selling candles as a business, a bulk supply of unscented bulk votive candles can help you attract customers and increase your profits.

Votives are another popular type of candle. Their bell-top design ensures even melting of the wax and a consistent distribution of the fragrance. Unlike tealights, votives are a relatively inexpensive alternative to scented candles and can last for many years. The scent of these candles is often subtle and will not interfere with the ambiance of any room. However, scented votives have seasonal trends, so it is important to know your preferences before buying them.

Votive containers are another important consideration. Votive containers should not be twice the diameter of the votive candle. Otherwise, it can leak wax and create a mess. A glass votive holder is the best choice, as it is both heat resistant and sustainable. Moreover, glass candle holders have the most beautiful design. These items will make any room look more luxurious. When purchasing votive candles, keep in mind the style and container.

Scented bulk pillar candles

If you want to add ambience to your home, scented pillar candles are a great option. Choose ones with a wick made of natural materials like cotton, which burns more cleanly than wire cores. Also, choose ones made of a hard wax, like paraffin. This type of wax is widely available and inexpensive. You can also go for beeswax, which is environmentally friendly, or soy, which burns longer and cleanly.

These pillar candles come in different sizes, from two to six inches in diameter. Before you purchase any pillar candles, think about the size of the room you're planning to put them in. You can group smaller candles together if you'd like. Generally, larger candles have longer burn times, but this depends on the type of wax. Also, remember to check the wicks. Buying one with cotton wicks should prevent any smoke while lighting.

There are also smaller versions of pillar candles, such as votives. These small candles are two to three inches high and half an inch in diameter. They are divided by the amount of time they burn, with most being ten hours long. Whether you choose votive candles for your home or your office, you'll find that these candles have the perfect fragrance for any occasion. You can also find scented bulk pillar candles that are great for gifting.

If you'd rather use scented bulk pillar candles, you can opt for battery-operated candles. These candles run on two AA batteries, not included. The battery-operated candles also have a timer, which means you can set them to burn for 5 hours every day at the same time. They will last for a long time, which makes them a good choice if you don't have the time to burn multiple candles.