Boy Smells Candles

Boy Smells candles are produced in Los Angeles. They use natural oils, fragrance and all-natural coconut wax and beeswax. Each candle is hand-poured into an reusable glass container and labelled in Los Angeles. The company also has customized fragrances for any occasion. Kush, Gardener and Burnin' for You are only a few of their most well-known scents. Here, we'll explore each of their scents.

Kush candle

The company was founded by Matthew Herman and David Kien The creators of Boy Smells candles are playing with gender norms and creating unique scents that are both feminine and masculine. With a career that spans fashion design, design, and product development, they came up with scents that are unconventional and unisex. Glass jars are hand-poured, the candles are identified by hand. Each candle is made by hand in Los Angeles. The jars can be reused.

Each jar can hold around 20 grams of wax. There are many scents to pick from, so you will be able to find the ideal candle to suit your mood. These scents can be floral or woody and some even have a surprising tinge. Kush is one example of a scent which contains THC. Other scents do not have any connection to cannabis. Other scents, like Polyamberous contain cardamom, tobacco flower, and geranium.

With a distinctive scent, the products are gender neutral and full-bodied. Each product is inspired by an olfactory memory catalogue. The scents are bold fresh, fresh, and easy to access with notes of a favorite fragrance or perfume. These scents are designed for the modern man who wants more intimacy. And they do it in a feminine, fun way, too. What's the perfect present for a man?! Why not?

There are many scents of the same company, but they all have their distinctive tree trunk containers. The containers can be used as planters, cups as well as a variety of other uses. Each candle is created by the two women who run the business. You can't get a more luxurious scent for the money than these candles, which are hand-poured in the water. In addition the candles are sold in numerous luxury candle stores such as the renowned YSL store.

Otherland candle

The Boy smells Otherland candle is the ultimate luxury for both women and men. This scent is reminiscent to the smell of clean linens but with additional notes like white musk and lily. It is made of a blend of soy and coconut with cotton wick. The candle smells fresh and clean. Abigail Cook Stone, CEO of the company, will explain how the product is made.

Each candle in the Otherland line has a different scent. Each candle is scented with a different scent but all three contain floral notes. Rattan is composed of amber, sandalwood and the musk, is an amazing scent that can be enjoyed all time of the year. The wax is manufactured in the USA and is soy-based. The candle burns for 19 hours. The packaging of the candle is inspired by Matisse and has been featured on The Wing.

Daybed is the most loved scent from Otherland. The floral scent makes you feel as if you're in a springtime bath. Perry Boyce, the maker of the candle, created an aroma that's as reminiscent of the log cabin as it is of the scent of a garden in spring. It's rounded out with lemon peel and sandalwood. You can even make it a whiskey tumbler.

Baies is another excellent example. Boy Smells also uploads pictures of candles by Diptyque and Byredo. He describes Baies candles the "elder statemen" of the candle-world. It's no wonder that it has been a top-selling product for many years. In actual fact, Baies candles are the oldest and most expensive candles. If you're looking for a classic, this may be the candle for you.

Gardener candle

This hand-poured candle by Los Angeles-based fragrance company Boy Smells evokes the sensuality of nature's bounty. The candle is made from coconut oil and beeswax, and has notes of honeysuckle syrup and white tea. The wax is non-toxic and each candle is created with a braided cotton wick. The gardener candle's scent is so appealing and addictive that you'll be looking for the tomato patch.

The Gardener candle has notes of tomato and honeysuckle. It also has hints honeysuckle and white tea. It is full of natural aromas and has a smooth, long-lasting burn. To keep spills from happening the candle comes with a case that is protected. To celebrate a garden-themed birthday present your loved one with a candle for the gardener from Boy Smells.

The brand's scents and packaging are distinctive and highlight both the feminine as well as the masculine. Even the packaging is pink! The candles are created in Los Angeles using all-natural waxes made from natural oils and are designed to transcend the boundaries of. Each candle is placed in a reusable glass container, and then labeled by hand by the company's founders. If you like floral scents or a more masculine scent You'll find something to love with the Boy Smells gardener candles.

Burnin' For You candle

The couple who created the Burnin"For You candle are two couples. Alison Roman, a stylist/prop stylist is a close friend. They both have creative visions for what they would like the candle to smell like. They collaborated on this project along with a renowned prop stylist and a visionary, Susan Alexandra. Their collaboration was the result of their mutual fascination with scent and design. Their goal is to develop an innovative product that is built on an original idea.

Omin and Burnin' For You candle were inspired by the rich and sensual scents of Eastern folklore. These candles are meant to bring out the sensuality of these ancient traditions, from mystical rituals to tangible elements of nature. The scents of the brand are described as "soulful and rich" and are able to capture the essence of Balinese Homa Yajna ritual as well as the surrounding landscape.

Joya candle

The Brooklyn-based fragrance company has recently restocked its bestselling Boy Smells Joya candle line. Six popular scents are back along with two new scents, and the eight-candle set is influenced by various genres of classic films. Each candle is made from the combination of soy wax and lasts between 50 to 60 hours. The brand's new candles come with scents such as "Aliens", which is akin to alien wood or "Tender Earth," which pays homage to Japanese bathing in the forest.

This candle is inspired by tropical regions and has top notes like clove, nutmeg, and mint. The scent is reminiscent of warm tropical sunset colors. Its scent is a combination of bergamot, ginger-dusted citrus and green tea with hints of apple juniper, and white musk. The candle burns for 110 hours with a soy wax blend.

The fragrance company is based in an old rigging garage in Brooklyn and pays tribute to America's explorers, artists, and entrepreneurs. The company partners with renowned designers and international brands to create distinctive scents for each product. The perfumes and candles are poured by hand in the company's Brooklyn studio. The scents are made of pure essential oils and aromatic molecules found in nature. The brand also makes candles for clients who are selective.

Boy Smells Joya's fragrance is not a scent that smells of food, but it's a wonderful scent to use for fall celebrations or special occasions. It's not a gourmand smell like a vanilla candle would however, it's a delightful blend of the woody scent, ginger tea and spicy vanilla. The fragrance is sweet and inviting and is great with drinks appetizers, and cocktails. It's versatile and will become a favorite.