Spell Candles

Creating Your Own Spell Candles

There are a lot of things you need to consider prior to start making your own spell candles. These include size, color and the best place to put them. Votive or seven-day candles are good options if you wish to keep your spell going for several days. There are a variety of essential oils that you can utilize. Here are a few of the most popular. Make sure to read through each one carefully. Then, you can utilize the information to select the best candle for you.


If you're looking to cast a spell that will bring luck, it's vital to understand the various colors of spell candles. Certain colors have different meanings in other contexts. Here are some examples of candle colors and their significance in magick. If you choose the wrong color, it can affect the outcome of your work, so make sure you select the right one for your task. Candles are among the most widely symbolically oriented tools in magick so be sure to choose the correct one for the work you're planning to complete.

Gold is the color associated with fame, money, and wealth. It is also often referred to as the color of the sun and divination. It is associated with abundance and wealth. However, it can also be used for protection magic to diminish negative energy and increase wisdom. It is also used by some witches to create magic. Silver is a different color that is asociated with the sun and some also use it for psychic abilities. Gold is also a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite.

Green is the element of earth. Green symbolizes the fertility of the earth and its abundance. Using green candles in spell work can bring the desired outcomes in your life. Green is a potent color for luck and abundance, and can be used in spells to encourage a good harvest. Green is a symbol for growth, and also attracting prosperity and money can be very beneficial. The element of earth is very powerful in magick, and witches often make use of it in spells.

Black and white candles are both safe for protection. They repel negative vibes and aid in meditation. You can also make use of white and black candles for other purposes. A white candle can be used to cast spells to heal illness and prevent bad habits, while red or black candles can be used to end curses or to grieve the loss of a loved. Black candles can be combined with other colors to create powerful combinations.


If you're planning to make your own magic candles, you need to think about the size. There are a variety of sizes for candles that are available at craft stores, however spell candles are typically heavy and bulky. Tealight candles are a great alternative for those who prefer smaller candles. They are available in a variety of scents and colors, and can also cause problems with incense and herbs. You can melt crystals and herbs with them as they have greater surface area. Votive candles are candles of a smaller size that are sold in containers or glass. Votive candles are generally priced higher than spell candles, therefore they're not an appropriate option.

Votive and taper candles are the best for all spells, but certain spells require specific kinds of candles. Candles with figures, like are used to invoke sympathy and are used to represent certain individuals. There are also small menorah candles, which are about four inches in length and unscented. You must match the size of the candle to the purpose for which you are using them. Different colors offer different levels of energy. When choosing a candle, you should take into consideration other aspects.

Chime Spell Candles are a great option because they're lead-free and have a two- to three-hour burning time. Because they are not fully burnt they're perfect for shorter spells. Chime candles are also available in a variety of colors that means you'll have the right color in your arsenal when you need it. The Chime Spell Candles are a great choice for those who enjoy working with a variety of colors, but do not want to sacrifice their candles in the process of creating rituals.


Witches are fond of candles for spells when they work with magick. They can be used to burn sigils and perform rituals. They can not only lighten your surroundings but also set the mood. If you are a tactile witch, you might prefer to use a candle holder with pentagram designs. A pentagram candle holder can be an ideal complement to the magick that you want to do.

If you're unable ignite the candle, or if you're unsure of where to put it, you can try the method of reading candles. This involves looking at the melted wax and determining the forces working around your request. A big, blue flame is an indication that your spell is working. If the flame flickers or is too dim, it's a sign that your spell isn't working. The candle's size will tell you whether or not it's functioning.

Some magicians recommend cleaning the candles prior to performing spells. Because candles are more fragile than normal objects, you must choose an approach that is gentle enough to safeguard the candles. Both water cleansing and fumigation are great options. However, be careful. If the candle is new many people opt to skip this step. The process of cleansing may take longer depending on how many spells the candle has been used for.

Some spells require large candles. You can use taper or votive candles in these cases. If the candle is lit, blow it out. It is best to place the candle in a safe spot, like a fireplace, sink, or large heat-proof pot. After casting a money spell the candle should be burned out. You should remember that not all spells require that the candle be lit prior to when magick can take place.

Essential oils

The addition of essential oils to your candle is a great way to increase their power and energy. They can be used to oint you or the candle. Many essential oils possess the ability to perform their own functions. Essential oils can be used to create protective charms and spells to serve a variety of functions. Pure essential oils are the best to get the most benefit. They are able to be used for a variety purposes and will help you reach any goal you may want to achieve.

Making spell candles using essential oils begins by determining the purpose of the candle. If the intention is to increase and protect protection, essential oils that enhance concentration and visualization are the best. Essential oils are perfect for cleansing rituals due to their powerful cleansing properties. Lighting a candle with essential oils will help decide what you want to achieve. These are the most sought-after kinds of essential oils.

A light yellow candle is made for those wishing for abundance. With basil, bergamot and grapefruit essential oils of pink This candle is believed to boost happiness and contentment. Marigold and jasmine are two other herbs that can be used to create spell candles. These oils are associated with love, happiness and optimism. They can also be mixed with blue-agate crystal, which is said to soothe emotions. These oils make the candle an effective tool to bring your dreams to life and bring about success.

When selecting a candle, it is recommended to choose one with long burn times and plant-based extracts. Be aware that the ratios of essential oils and wax differ from one recipe another, so be sure you follow the directions thoroughly. To make your own candle heat the wax to 180 degrees F. You can use a thermometer to check the melting point of the candle but remember that different kinds of wax have different melting points.

Proper use

Before you use spell candles for your purposes ensure you've conducted a lot of research. Dark times are great for candle magic because it allows you to focus and analyze the flame more thoroughly. Here are some helpful tips to maximize the use of your candle spell. Continue reading to find out more. Read on for the advantages of using these magical candles! For a complete guide to spell candles and how to make them work, read on!

Use only clean, brand new candles to cast spells. Candles that were burned in the past could have received vibrations from nearby objects, and could have an adverse impact on your intentions. White candles are also acceptable in a variety of Pagan rituals, but. It's essential to keep your candle in a safe location after you've used it. Even if you are just trying to attract love or wealth you may want to light the candle to fulfill good intentions.

Candle magic is one of the most basic forms of witchcraft. You don't need elaborate rituals or expensive spells. Anyone can cast a spell with a candle. It's similar to blowing out birthday candles. You make a wish, then concentrate on the outcome you want to achieve. You can modify your spells to fit your specific needs by giving your candle the perfect shade and focusing on its intentions.

First, you must prepare candles to use in a spell by dressing it with oil or other substance. Grapeseed oil is a good choice which doesn't smell or other special candle magic oils from a metaphysical supply store. Begin at the top of the candle to cover it with a dressing. Then move down towards the middle. When you've finished the first coat, you can add more oil or a different kind of wax, depending on what you want to manifest.

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