Luminara Flameless Candles

The Difference Between Liown and Luminara Flameless Candles

Both Luminara and Liown have filed lawsuits against each other in court to allege deceit and predatory pricing. Despite their differences in the design of their products and marketing, both companies offer the same battery-powered flameless candles. Each Luminara candle has a battery-powered light that emits the appearance of a flame onto the wax-covered wafer. Many consumers are not sure what the difference is between Luminara candles and Liown.


Flameless candles from Luminara can be used in lieu of traditional candles. They come in a variety designs and colors and can be used indoors or outdoors. The artificial flame technology was licensed by Disney in 2008 and made part of their product line. Luminara and Candella combined, but the non-flame candles weren't released commercially until 2010. Liown Electronics purchased Luminara and began selling and importing the candles.

The Luminara Candle is a popular option for outdoor use. It is made of matte plastic that is wax-free and weatherrain-, sun-proof. A candle that is not burning is an additional security feature. Multiple Luminara candles are available for different purposes. We love the "Real Flame-Effect" option. It delivers the same effect as real candles but with added safety.

To create realistic flame effects, Luminara candles use an electromagnetic system patent-pending and LEDs. The battery-operated light creates a magnetic force that moves between the bottom of the candle. This creates the appearance of real flames, without the harmful toxins that traditional candles do. Luminara flameless candles can also be turned off automatically. Since they're powered by batteries Luminara flameless candles are safe to use in public spaces such as homes with pets or children.

Another popular flameless candle is the Luminara pine cone shaped LED candle. These flameless candles have an ivory-colored paraffin wax body and a built-in receiver for optional hand-held remote control. The product features a three-position switch which allows you to control the brightness, adjust the timer, and then switch to the five hour timer mode. It also comes with an eight-key remote control that allows you to control the intensity of your flame without touching it.


GenSwin Luminara flameless candles make use of electromagnetics and LED lights to create an impressive flickering effect. They feature a wax wick and a soft vanilla fragrance. The candles come with a convenient timer and remote control. They can be set to automatically ignite or burn for hours. They can be purchased as a set and are available in three different heights. They are safe and elegant and can add elegance to any room decor.

The Luminara flameless candles can be used indoors and outdoors. They are powered by a D-sized lithium battery and can burn for up 500 hours. They can withstand sunlight and rain without any issues. Luminara also produces larger-sized candle that can be used in different outdoor locations. These candles can reach up to six inches in diameter and 14 inches in height. The technology of moving flames allows them to mimic real candles, however don't be concerned about lack of illumination as Luminara candles come with a broad variety of applications.

The Spruce, a trusted review website, was satisfied with GenSwin Flameless Ivory Taper Candles. Their independent testing resulted in an "Top Pick” designation. GenSwin Luminara Flameless Candles have received mixed reviews. The Spruce did however recommend GenSwin Flameless Ivory Taper Candles because of their glowing features.

The Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland is the inspiration for GenSwin Luminara flameless candles. They run on batteries to power a small circuit board inside the candle. The circuit board then acts as a motor for a magnetic that is attached to the bottom of the flame. The magnetic attachment causes an unpredictability in the flame. In contrast to traditional candles, flameless candles are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This technology has been a huge hit for romantic evenings at home.

Simply Collected

Just like the candles themselves, Luminara flameless candles are made of battery powered LEDs. This product is safe for children and pets, and also environmentally friendly. It automatically creates warmth, beauty, and warmth. The candles are able to be used anywhere from a child's room to the living room of a parent. Because they're powered by batteries they can be positioned anywhere including bookshelves. Luminara flameless LEDs emit no toxic fumes, unlike candles.

The flameless candles of Luminara use D-sized batteries, which last up to 500 hours. As opposed to traditional candles, they don't create stink or create a mess, therefore they are safe to use in any room. Simply Collected flameless candles are safe to use, without worries about chemical exposure or environmental waste. These candles are eco-friendly and stylish. You can light multiple Luminara flameless candles simultaneously or turn them on and off whenever you want.

Luminara candles are sold on the internet at a variety of retail outlets, and they can even be found on Amazon. They are made from unscented real wax pillars and emit a warm, authentic flame. The Luminara also features a timer feature that lets you turn it on and off. Simply Collected's flameless candles can be used for a variety of purposes, including fireplaces, table centerpieces and lanterns.

They are available in a variety of colors including warm white and ivory. They are available in three sizes. They can be stacked together to form a tier or mixed and matched across different rooms. Candles that are flameless can be set anywhere as traditional candles. They can be bought in bulk for a reasonable cost. Now you can lighten your home and feel good in it.

JHY Design

The JHY Design luminara flameless candle is an excellent choice for any occasion. They are available in two shades: golden and ivory. They also come in different sizes. The candles are designed to fit into candlesticks, they can be placed in separate rooms or used in conjunction in a large space. They also come with remote controls, which includes 10 different functions. The candles last for up to 5 hours.

The Luminara flameless candle is constructed with an ivory wax body and three wicks which flicker and give off a warm orange glow. The candles can be turned on and off by hand or automatically. They also come with an effect of light flickering. They come with an eight-key remote that allows for simple timer control. They come in three sizes: 3.5 to 5 inches. This set comes with three candles of different sizes.

Certain candles that are not flameless can be operated by batteries, while others can be controlled remotely. Some come with a timer while others have different modes that allow you to regulate the flame's style. Some flameless candles are made of genuine wax and are great for aromatherapy. Many people find the scent of real candles relaxing to burn in their home. If you're looking for a more realistic look think about a flameless, unscented candle.


Candella approached Liown to request the creation of flameless candles. Liown began to develop their technology and submitted an application for patents in China for the new type of candle. This patent was based on Candella's confidential information. The candles that are flameless were first sold by the company in 2012.

In May 2020, Sterno Home filed a patent infringement lawsuit against L&L and Luminara Worldwide, LLC. The lawsuit seeks damages in cash and an injunction to prevent further infringement of Sterno Home's flameless candle inventions. L&L claims that L&L infringed four U.S. trademarks and patents. It's unclear whether the lawsuit will be successful.

The latest technology allows you to set and forget when you require light. Liown's set includes two candles that measure 2 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches high. The flame of each candle turns on and off every five hours or 19 hours making them the ideal complement to any home decor. Liown luminara flameless candles are created with 100% paraffin wax. They are free from lead, which is found with recycled candles. The candles' color is designed to mimic the real flame, which helps ensure that the candles are consistent across.

Since Candella gained significant rights to the market of flame-effect candles the company filed a lawsuit against Liown for patent violation. After obtaining its own patent on artificial flame technology, Liown decided to no longer abide by the settlement agreement. In the meantime, Liown began selling its candles without flames to Candella's exclusive customers. The case is still ongoing. Luminara has filed an appeal against the patent-infringement decision.

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