Citronella Candles Are Best

Which Citronella Candles Are Best For Home Use?

If you're sick of bugs citronella candles could be an ideal solution. What are the best ones for use at home? Find out the top products on the market. We'll be discussing Citro Guard and Skem Design, Murphy's Naturals and The Pioneer Woman. Let's first learn about the history behind citronella candles. What is the significance of this? Why do these candles repel bugs?

Citro Guard

Citronella candles are a common method to repel mosquitoes. The candles are made of real citronella oil and last for up to 30 hours. Contrary to many synthetic repellents citronella candles don't form an invisible shield like the EPA-approved repellents do. While they can repel insects but they're not providing more protection than smoke from other sources.

The Cutter Citro Guard candle comes in an easy-to-use, non-refillable container. To ensure that it burns evenly, the candle is made up of three wicks. They also produce more light than single-wick candles. The Cutter Citro Guard triple-wick candle is ideal for eating meals by candlelight or keeping artificial lights in low levels to prevent buzzing insects from getting into your home. Use one in an open area for best results.

Cutter Citro Guard Citronella candles have real citronella oils and are made to repel flying insects. The triple-wicked candle is easy to use and comes with a stable base. Citro Guard candles should not be placed farther than 18 inches apart. They should be placed on a surface that is heat-resistant and is safe for children. These candles should last a long time.

Murphy's Naturals

Candles can be used to keep mosquitoes from your home. The Murphy's Naturals citronella candle contains the benefit of being free of deet and plant-based substances. These candles are suitable for use in areas considered to be a mosquito haven like parks and backyards. The Murphy's Naturals citronella candles are effective in repelling mosquitoes but they are safe for pets and children.

You can also try Murphy's Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle available in a package of 16. These mosquito repellent candles come with pleasant, refreshing scent that won't overpower your senses. They are made from a mixture of beeswax, soy and five essential oils. They are free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and fillers.

Citronella oil is an appealing scent, however, it is advised to be cautious when using it. Citronella oil is generally safe to inhale, but it can cause mild irritation to people who are sensitive. The National Pesticide Information Center has conducted multiple studies on citronella oils and found no negative adverse effects. However, you should be wary of lighting citronella candles close to people or in windy conditions. If you are too close to a citronella candles, the smell can be overwhelming.

In addition to being a source of natural oils These candles also have large amounts of citronella oil as well as lemongrass, as well as cedarwood. The combination of essential oils repels mosquitoes. These candles burn clean and are not laden with DEET or petroleum. This scent also lasts long which is a huge plus for families with young children. If you're going to the park, you may consider purchasing a Murphy's Naturals citronella candle. It will protect your family and allow you to enjoy mosquito-free summer vacations.

The Pioneer Woman

Although citronella candles tend to be practical, they can also be stylish decor pieces as well. For example, The Pioneer Woman's candle comes in a beautiful vessel with a scalloped edges that creates the ideal centerpiece for tables for bistro. It's gorgeous and repels mosquitoes. Whether you're using these candles in a porch or patio they will keep insects away.

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Citronella oils are very affordable and can be found in any home improvement retailer. To make your own citronella candles, first purchase a cheap scale. The weight of a pound of liquid or melted wax is approximately equivalent to 2 ounces of citronella oil. For candles made of beeswax, however, you only need only half of the amount. Similar rules apply to soy wax.

Skeem Design

A natural insect repellent is a must for any outdoor event. Skeem Design Citronella candles are a great way of repelling insects. These hand-poured candles utilize Citronella oil, which works as a natural insect repellent and masks the scent of insects that might otherwise draw them. Citronella is derived from leaves of the lemongrass plant, and is a powerful insect repellent.

Skem Design provides two types of citronella candles: one grapefruit and one eucalyptus. A citronella-scented body spray can also be purchased. Both scents are pleasant, and perfect for any outdoor activities. Citronella candles are a wonderful present for hostesses or for interior decor. They are made of all natural ingredients.

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