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Boy Smells Candles - The Best Candles For Boys

If you're a guy who likes to smell nice, there are many options out there for the perfect guy in your life. Boy Smells is among the top when it comes to scents for your home. You'll be glad to know that they have several lines of candles that you can test. Here are a few of my favorites: St. Al and Hinoki fantome; Cedar Stack; and Kush.

St. Al

If you are looking for a candle that smells great you should look no further than St. Al from Boy Smells. The name of the candle is a reference to the French term that refers to sandalwood. The fragrance is floral and warm, with a a hint of frankincense. It is also natural and free of paraffin and other phthalates. The room smells amazing and the scent triggers strong emotions. This candle is a great option for a boy's birthday party. It will make his big day memorable.

The candle is scented with a blend of floral and earthy scents. It's one the strongest floral scents in the collection and lasts as fresh-picked red roses. It also has a modern look, thanks to its anise, cassis, bergamot coriander, daffodil tonka and vetiver.

The St. Al scent candles for the most handsome boy are available in two styles The original and the deluxe versions. This is a durable candle that has an approximate burn time of 50 hours. It comes with a similar packaging to Matisse and the name is reminiscent of things you'd see in a cottage on the beach. The candles are scented and exclusive to Focus Camera. They are a final sale.

Ash is a warm and inviting scent that combines the smoky characteristics of dry hay, coal and berries. It has a balanced scent and is a great throw. St. Al is a floral scent with lovely sandalwood tones. It is also a combination of two uncommon scents: sandalwood and clove flower. It has a woody smell but is also delicate enough to please the most elegant boy.

Hinoki fantome

If you're looking to gift your favorite guy an aroma that is both sweet and woody, the Hinoki fantome candle is the way to go. The woody scent is awash in jasmine petals, earthy spices notes, and a quiet moss scent. This candle is also said to promote relaxation. The ingredients are cardamom, jasmine, guiac, coconut and beeswax blends as well as braided cotton wicks and moss.

Boy Smells' Hinoki Fantome candle has an Japanese theme of forest and is hand-poured here in Los Angeles. Its scent is very reminiscent of the scent of a Japanese forest, with notes of jasmine, Japanese cypress, and cardamom. It is free of paraffin, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. If you're looking to give your boyfriend the perfect gift for his birthday, you can give him this unique and original fragrance that will delight him as well as you both.

Tynan Sinks, who is a fragrance expert, discusses the advantages of scents that go beyond the product. Hinoki Fantome candles are as good as the perfume they're made from. Fragrance is a vital part of your life. The fragrances of Hinoki fantome candles are refreshing and romantic, and will make your partner feel close to you.

Boy Smells' Hinoki Fantasy fragrance has been a fan favorite for a long time and has achieved icon status. The scent is so famous that it's a staple of carefully collected Instagram images. With its new Fantome Collection, Boy Smells is expanding their Hinoki fantome collection with three new candles that pay tribute to the iconic scent. The Hinoki fantome fragrance is both sensual, woody and is scented with citrus and spices.

Cedar Stack

Boy Smells' Cedar Stack candle is the perfect way to enjoy the essence of living in a log cabin. This scent is a modern interpretation of the classic wood scent and includes cedarwood chippings, dried tobacco along with crushed peppercorn and bay leaf. It is also free of paraffin and phthalates. This vegan, natural candle is packaged in a glossy black tumbler. It will be a big hit with your child!

The scent of the Boy Smells Cedar Stack candle is a pleasantly earthy wood fragrance. It is a blend of cedar chips and then changes to spiced floral notes that include white musk and juniper. If your son is an outdoor enthusiast or a city slicker, he'll love the scent of this candle. The cedar scent is warm, and the musk adds an enjoyable addition.

A candle such as the Boysmells Cedar Stack will give you an edgy wood scent. The scent evokes memories of old times and is the perfect scent for romantic evenings. It is warm and soothing and is scented with notes of bay leaves and dried tobacco. The wick is made of braided cotton and the candle comes with a lead-free formula. These fragrances are made of natural ingredients and are safe to use with children.


There are many fantastic options for boys scent candles. There are also alternatives for those looking for something more expensive. Here's a list the top candles for boys, ordered by price and quality, along with other aspects. These candles will bring subtle enhancement to any room in your home. Which one is the best?

June's candle is one the most floral Boy Smells candles. It has a lingering scent of fresh red roses as well as a floral fragrance. It also feels very modern, since it's based on the well-known Austin cafe that June's. June has notes of bergamot and anise, daffodil and tonka. It's perfect for romantic nights or a relaxing evening after work.

The Love Jones candle's scent is very well-known. With notes of kush and smoke the candle will make any room feel like a '90s nightclub. The notes of the gardener fragrance's heart are woody, sweet, and amber. These scents will bring back memories from childhood and bring back feelings of nostalgia. These scents are perfect for both men and women.

The Gardener scent is another well-loved boy-friendly candle, and prices start at $32. It's a modern interpretation of an old-fashioned floral. It's got notes like tomatoes, warm amber, and fresh magnolia. It has a scent that resembles the scent of a garden, which is an olfactory association of the perfumer. However, the Gardener candle can be a great choice if you want your space to smell like the lush tomato fields.

Boy Smells' 8.5-ounce candle is a popular choice for boys. Although it's more expensive than the other two candles, it has a longer burn time and is also a little more expensive. A typical candle lasts for 60 hours. A few candles could be an ideal gift for boys. You can also buy these candles on Amazon. They smell amazing also! We recommend this product to everyone's boys.
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