Best Non-Toxic Candles

The Best Non-Toxic Candles

You can create a pleasant smell in your home and protect the environment by lighting your favourite candle. There are a variety of companies that manufacture candles made from natural ingredients. However they aren't all made to be the same. Here are a few top selections: Lumira and Otherland's Rattan, Bluecorn Beeswax, and Dani Naturals. These are all fantastic choices and will leave your house smelling great, too!


As people become aware of the environmental advantages of using candles that are non-toxic, they are becoming more popular. Before lead wicks were removed from candles, they were still considered to be a major health risk. Many candle brands that are non-toxic have a core of metal to support their candles, this core is not evident. One brand that has a core that isn't visible is Grow Fragrance. Grow Fragrance produces candles using 100 percent plant-based components and seasonal fragrances. Candles by Grow Fragrance have passed a test involving heavy metals performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure that they are free of toxic substances.

Another company that recently released candles that are not toxic is Lumira. Almira Armstrong was the founder of Lumira in Australia in 2013. They only use non-toxic ingredients. Their candle line features top-quality essential oils and scent oils from all over the world , paired with cotton wicks to create a long-lasting candle. Several of their products are travel sized, so you can take them when you travel. A Lumira candle is non-toxic and comes with a huge assurance of quality and authenticity.

Lumira non-toxic candles contain 100 percent pure essential oil. Their packaging is inspired by perfume bottles, with charming apothecary labels. The scents are worth the money as well: Le Labo candles contain stress-relieving bergamot and earthy-woody depth along with spicy ginger and bell pepper. The clean burn produces lasting scents for your entire home. There is no better way to pamper yourself and relax than this!

Lumira is well-known for its wellness and beauty products It also sells candles that are not toxic, too. Their No. one candle is made of sandalwood, vanilla, as well as bergamot. Made from organic vegetable wax it doesn't release harmful substances and leaves no black residue. It's also made using an all-cotton burning wick, so it burns clean and is 100% recyclable. The scents of the candle are so natural , they're good for the environment.

Rattan from Otherland

Otherland's Rattan candle is safe and invokes images in the form of a warm golden amber scent. This candle is created using coconut and soy wax, in premium, multi-use glassesware. It is vegan and cruelty-free. Burn time is 55 hours. Its scent is a mix of golden amber musk and sweet.

In addition selling candles directly to consumers, Otherland collaborates with top designers to create scents. Their fragrances are infused with vibrant patterns, color, and texture to communicate their unique scents. Otherland candles are scented without harmful or phthalate-free substances. This is the result of the company's association with some of the world's top fragrance houses. As opposed to many of its competitors, Otherland's Rattan candles are not a danger to the environment and are safe for use with children.

Otherland's Rattan is a classic fragrance that is ideal for any season. It has a combination of amber, sandalwood, and the musk. Each Rattan candle is made with the soy wax mix that is made sustainably from trees. They also have a long burn time of 55 hours. Instagram influencers endorse the brand's products.

Otherland's Rattan candles are nontoxic and vegan. The scents are natural and do not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes. They are also free of BPA and Phthalates. Candles from Otherland's Rattan are available in a range of prices, from $15 to $40. With a lasting scent They are a great investment.

Bluecorn Beeswax

There are many benefits to using bluecorn beeswax candles. They are safe as well as natural and clean-burning. There are also beeswax pillar candles, tea light candles, and candleholders for tea lights on the website. These products also have reviews, so be sure to learn as much as you can about them.

Bluecorn Beeswax candles can be found in many sizes, including pillars, taper, and votives. There are many scents to pick from, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you. You can also purchase candle that are not tested for cruelty from Nightshift Wax Co., which utilizes organic cotton braided wicks as well as top quality oils to ensure that your candle burns properly and safely.

Many people are concerned that candles can harm their health. In reality, one of the most widely used household toxics is fabric softener. If you're looking to build a safe and toxic-free home, you need to find the right kind of candle. Candles that are non-toxic come in a variety of styles and prices. They're all safe to use. It is important to choose the right type of candle for your needs and budget.

While most beeswax candles emit a sweet, faint scent but they're actually hypoallergenic. Because beeswax's scent is so pure and hygienic, it's likely you won't suffer from respiratory issues. Beeswax candles burn more efficiently and last longer than candles made of paraffin. Beeswax candles do not produce soot, which can cause asthma attacks.

Dani Naturals

A candle can be enjoyed with the relaxing scent of a candle without any safety issues. Dani candles are made from biodegradable, soy wax, and cotton wicks. The company also uses specific essential oils and never tests its candles on animals. They are also free of animal-derived ingredients You can be sure that you won't be exposed to harmful chemicals. You don't have to worry about any of these chemicals giving you cancer.

DANI candles are made of 100 vegan soy wax. It is non-toxic, clean burning, and completely vegan. The candles are packed in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. They are scented with aromas like apple, cinnamon, and black currant. The travel-friendly tins made by them make it easy to take your candles on planes. But don't fret if not a fan of burning candles. DANI has solutions.

While you might find the scent of a designer candle expensive but you don't need to spend a fortune. Bijou candles are made to be affordable but retain the designer scent. They can last up to 140 hours and are named after famous pop icons. You'll be happy you made the choice to purchase the Dani Naturals candle. They're an excellent way to make your home be scented with a lovely scent.

When you purchase candles that are not toxic, be sure to choose one that is burnt wick that is free of phthalates. Essential oils are extracted from whole plants or parts of plants. Transparent manufacturers and distributors always declare the country from which they source their oil. Then look for high-quality fragrance that is free of phthalates and used to create a more pleasant aroma. Also, look for a label that is cruelty-free.


Itemerie sells ethically made non-toxic candles made by hand in the USA. The candles are filled with essential oils, botanicals as well as fragrances and are completely non-toxic. Customers can choose to plant trees to offset their carbon footprint. Additionally, since they make use of recycled packaging to ship their products, customers can rest at ease knowing that they're taking a stand to protect our planet. Their candles are a great choice for the environment and smell great.

Visit the Itemerie website to begin. Select from four different types of non-toxic candles. Each candle comes with information on the composition, scent and eco-friendly practices employed in its creation. The soaps for hands are vegan and made locally. You can even purchase recycled packaging if prefer it. The company's website features blogs that offer ideas and tips to organize your home with candles. It also has social media pages that allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest news and contests.

The wicks are made of cotton. To minimize the risk of irritation to the skin cotton wicks should be utilized. The candles should contain unbleached cotton wicks. To make sure that they're non-toxic search for the "cruelty-free" label. These candles are a better choice for the environment than their non-toxic counterparts. Soy wax is also renewable, biodegradable and vegan.

Indoor air pollution is a major problem with conventional scented candles. When they are burned they release toxic toluene or benzene. They could also contain harmful heavy metals such as mercury and lead, in addition to petroleum wax. The ingredients of candles are not required to be declared by candle manufacturers. Therefore, hazardous chemicals could be mixed in the scents. These chemicals aren't good for our health, nor for our environment. So, you should opt for Itemerie candles that are not toxic instead.

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