Best Fall Candles 2021

Best Fall Candles 2021

What's your favorite scent in your best fall candles for next year? There are a lot of scents to pick from, but I will focus on the ones that make the fall season pleasant. My personal favorites are Sugar Plum & Bergamot and Teakwood & Tobacco. I've tried all of them and I'm sure you'll like them too!

Autumn Hayride

The Autumn Hayride candle is a classic blend of autumn scents such as fresh hay, clove, oakmoss, and warm amber. The candle is made of cotton and soy wax and has received rave Amazon reviews. The Autumn Hayride candle is a perfect fit for any fall-themed party. The earthy, spicy aroma of the Autumn Hayride candle will make you feel like your entire family is on an adventure with the whole family.

The new Autumn Hayride candles' fragrances are fresh and reminiscent the early autumn. There are three new scents available for 2021: Apotheke Fresh Laundry, Witches Brew and Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie, Spiced Pumpkin, and Vanilla Cupcake are also available as tea lights. A candle that smells like pumpkin, Trick or Treat, will delight any fall aficionado. The Autumn Hayride candle comes in many scents making it suitable for any decor.

Another new scent is Golden Harvest Pumpkin. Its scent has notes of red McIntosh apples sugar, cinnamon sticks, and golden crust. It is made from natural soy wax. It has burn times of around 50 hours. To ensure that the scent stays consistent it has two wicks. There are also candles that conjure the spooky and cozy autumn evenings. These fall candles have become a popular trend on social media.

Sugar Plum & Bergamot

The Sugar Plum & Bergamot fall candle is a tart, sweet heart note with hints of black cherry. The base notes of vanilla and sugar are balanced by the musk. The candle weighs 7.2 inches and is constructed of soy wax, vegan raw cotton wicks, and fragrance oils that are free of dyes, phthalates parabens and phthalates. If you're interested in giving the scent a try you should consider buying a candle at the end of the year and donating proceeds to a rescue animal!

Sugar Plum & Bergamot Fall Candles are available at Sephora and other retailers. The $35 Literie candle was developed to create the ambience of a rustic cabin. Diptyque also offers several autumn scents. The candle manufacturer has launched an exclusive line inspired from locations around the world. The Paris Votive is made with vanilla, myrrh and wood, and smells like the chic French library.

Another one of Evelynn's favorites is the Hinoki Candle. This scent is made of the hinoki tree which is a Japanese Cypress tree. The Hinoki is a renewable material, and this candle is one of their top-selling products. Oakmoss, vanilla and orris root are just a few of the other fragrances available from this brand. These scents will help you make the transition to fall smooth without feeling that you've been there before.

Teakwood & Tobacco

For a more masculine smell go for the P.F. Candle Co.'s Teakwood & Tobacco candles. The candle is dubbed"a "boyfriend" scent this candle comes with an aroma that's leathery and woody. It also comes with the wick's cotton-core and is available in two sizes so you can use it in smaller spaces. This candle is ideal for the autumn season.

Another popular fall candle is the Bath and Body Works pumpkin and apple scent. Utilizing the classic autumn scents this candle will take you to a Hallmark-style log cabin getaway. It's a blend cloves and patchouli that has an apple scent. It's not overpowering but it's an iconic autumn scent. It's hard to find a more autumnal scent than this!

Tobacco-scented candles are a popular option for the fall. It creates a cozy and masculine ambiance. The woody scent is sweet and blends well with other ingredients like leather, citrus, sandalwood and sandalwood. These candles can be ideal for men and women. It is also great for spaces that are shared. You'll be transported back to the days of picking apples in New England with this scent.


It's fall and that means it's the time to buy scented candles. Scented candles can transform a room with the scent of fall. They can not only improve the look of a room, but the scents they release can also help to reduce the humidity of summer! There are many scent options available such as vanilla, cedarwood, pomegranate and woodsy aromas.

One of the top fall candles to choose is Diptyque's Tuberose. This candle is scented and has the same floral notes that the flowers have in the summer, however, it is more sophisticatedand has a an intense floral scent that makes you think about the last days of summer. Diptyque also has a selection of scents, with some inspired by the different regions of the globe. The Paris candle smells like vanilla, myrrh, and wood. The redwood and sunflower candles will add an autumnal zing to your home.

This light and airy candle is perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn. The scent is reminiscent of pulling out an old sweater from the closet and roasting marshmallows. The scent is warm and sweet. If you're looking for something different Try Sweater Weather, which is an elixir of woody and sweet scents. You can also purchase the Sweater Weather candle from Etsy sellers if you aren't certain of the scent you should pick.

Otherland's Berkshires Granola

These new scents were inspired by the homestead lifestyle and are part of Otherland's Homestead Collection. Berkshires Granola is a warm mix of pumpkin seeds, oatmeal milk and toasted bread. It's also addictive. Try the Sriracha Rose for spicy notes and a hint of pomegranate. This fragrance is available at Otherland for less than $36 and can be purchased now.

If you're looking for fall-scented candles take a look at Otherland. Their candles are both attractive and delicious. Their packaging is bright and attractive. They are also well priced and you'll save money when you buy three. With these three wonderful scents, you'll be able to stay cozy and warm during the colder months of autumn.

The scents of these candles are a different from other autumn scents. They're made using a blend of coconut wax and other natural scents which include a tomato as well as moss. These candles burn for 40 to 50 hours and aid in the protection of our public lands. The company also donates five percent of its profits to the Trust for Public Land, so you can feel good knowing that you're helping preserve the environment and wildlife.

Berkshires in Otherland

Otherland's Homestead collection is available for the autumn season. It features six scents. These new scents are not just for those who love pumpkin spice. They also include scents like lavender and sage as well as Hay. In addition they're also made of 100% vegan coconut and soy wax. Here's a look at few of the scents available in the collection.

Otherland's Homestead collection has scents that are inspired by home. The Berkshires Granola candle combines creamy oatmeal milk with the toasted granola and pumpkin seeds. It's a 50-hour candle that has a long burn time and is hand-poured into a bright yellow container. A limited-edition Rose scent is also available, with hints of roses and hot chili.


If you love scented candles and candles with a scent, then you're sure to want to look into the latest collection from Literie. These candles are themed around New York City, where Erica Werber, founder of Literie was born. They are also available in Los Angeles and Miami. Each candle costs $35 and comes with an appealing scent. You can also sign to a monthly subscription to receive a new candle each month. The Nette Another Life candle captures the essence of a peaceful morning at home. It has notes of vanilla, patchouli, and cedar wood.

One of the Literie candles is a great option when you want to try some new scents for fall. Each candle features a different scent, and they can last from 30 hours up to 90 hours. You can cut down on space and go green by using coconut or soy candles. They come in heavy, beautiful packaging. They are made of coconut wax and soy therefore they don't have any harmful chemicals.

The brand is expanding its fall scents selection. The brand's latest candle, "Times Square," is named for the caramelized sugar scent of Times Square's roasted nuts carts. The candle is priced at $35. It smells like a cabin in the mountains. The company also launched a limited-edition collection of scents that are influenced by different places across the globe. The Paris Votive, for example contains notes of myrrh, vanilla, as well as wood. It also has the scent of a chic French library.

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