Baobab Candles

Baobab Candles

If you're looking for gorgeous candles with a scent, you'll want to take an interest in the Baobab Collection. Each design is handcrafted with natural materials and scented scents. There's a lot of luxury, scent size, size, and the origin details to make your choice easier. And while the Baobab Collection offers a variety of different designs and scents, there's one in particular you'll want to consider: Feathers. This glass candle's transparent and striking nature is highlighted by the black feathers and white background. This candle is filled with black roses and oudwood.


The high-end Baobab candles are made of the most natural wax. These candles are handcrafted by a Grasse master perfumer. These candles are inspired by the exotic and wild South Pacific. They are scented with the sensual scents of Black Rose and spicy Ginger. Each candle is placed in a hand-blown glass vessel which doubles as a decorative vase. The scent of the candle will linger long after it has been burned out.

The Baobab Collection is a Belgian candle maker with a deep heritage of African and European design. The brand started with African-inspired candles but has since expanded its range to include Egyptian pyramids, Chinese landscapes and Russian steppes. The collection includes candles in stainless steel holders and decorative glass vases with various scents. Craftsmen hand-pour and blow the candles using only best raw materials. Each candle is made up of four wicks and comes with an elegant black box.

The candles are created by skilled artisans from Europe. The ingredients used are premium ceramic, wax, and hand-blown glass. The scents are sourced from Grasse in France. The wax is carefully placed into a hand-blown glass vessel to ensure that each candle is distinctive. Each candle comes with a black ribbon displaying the logo of the company. They are packaged in a sleek, black box. It's impossible to go wrong with any of the Luxury Baobab candle regardless of kind.

The luxurious Baobab candles are hand-blown and have distinctive scents that are a blend of spices and floral. They are sought-after because of their unique vessel and distinctive scent blend. A lot of them are sold in department stores of the highest quality all over the world, including Harrods. A flagship store for the Baobab Collection is located in Brussels. The candles of the company are designed to last for a lifetime. They are beautiful and well worth the money.


In addition to baobab candles you might also want to look into the other fragrance products made from the baobab tree. There are a wide variety of fragrance oils that are used to make many different perfumes and facial cleansers. A good place to start to look for these products is at your local Fragrance specialist. They usually carry candles and perfumes as well in a wide selection of body & face care products.

Baobab COLLECTION provides a unique collection of home fragrances that are inspired by the African baobab tree. The scents of these candles are designed to transport consumers to far-off places. All candles are made of high-quality paraffin wax and Egyptian cotton wicks. The company has a reputation for creating high-quality products that are not only attractive to look at, but to smell too.

Baobab is an exclusive brand that creates luxury candles from pure paraffin wax. Due to the high purity of this wax, no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere. Baobab candles burn faster than other brands. This means that you will enjoy your candle for longer instead of having to keep replacing it after several hours. That makes them a great present for anyone. Don't worry, they're made in Italy!

While baobab candle prices are high however, they are well worth the cost. The largest candle can light your home for more than 800 hours. Since they have such a long life, you can replace them with a brand new one when they burn out. Aside from baobab candles, there are also fragrance diffusers that can be used to replace the candles once you've used them all up. You can have the scent you love and also support a good cause by purchasing a scent diffuser.


The Baobab Collection is known for its huge sizes and unique designs. The brand was created in 2002 and is located in Belgium. Max35 weighs 22 pounds and can burn for 1,000 hours. The scents range from floral to earthy. The Paris Max One Candle features a geometric pattern and a gold and powder pink motif. It's reminiscent of spring in Paris. The Paris Max One Candle has a size of 8 cm which makes it simple to place it wherever. Burn it until the top layer of liquid has reduced to a centimeter.

There are many scents in the scented Baobab collection. The "My First Baobab" candle is perfect for people who are just beginning, and it comes in the form of a gift box. Each candle is unique with a distinctive design. Miami is a silkscreen pastel-gold print. It has a fresh scent of cypress. The West Palm's scent is comparable to the scent of joggers, so it takes you to a place where one can play.

The Baobab Collection uses the finest quality materials. Master craftsmen hand pour candles into glass vessels. The packaging is stylish as well, and an image is added to the glass vessel. The Baobab Collection candles come in various sizes and can be displayed anyplace, be it in your living space or in your home. You can also buy diffusers and metal upholstered with luxurious leather.


If you're looking for a luxurious home fragrance , think about the Baobab Collection. This Belgian brand produces candles and fragrances based on the baobab tree. It was founded in 2002. They make use of top-quality raw materials and hand-blown glass. Baobab candles have four wicks which can be lit even when not in use and an elegant black box designed by Belgian artisans.

Baobab trees, which are native to Africa are a long-lasting crop that can provide more than 10,000,000 households with enough materials for their candles. Yet, 95percent of the world's population are unaware of the potential of the tree as a source of food as well as fiber and. Baobab trees are a prolific crop, yet they are often wasted. This creates a great opportunity for rural Africans. Baobab candle suppliers offer international shipping. Free shipping is offered for orders over 35 pounds.

Baobab offers five sizes of candles as well as a variety of accessories. These candles come beautifully wrapped in black ribbons and presentation boxes. They make wonderful gifts and can burn for over 1,000 hours. Baobab also releases two limited-edition collections each year. The candles and fragrances are packaged in a minimalist, elegant packaging and are available in white and black. These candles are made of high-quality Egyptian cotton wicks, mineral wax, and are made in Egypt.

The baobab tree is an icon of Africa and is a symbol of life and the source of many traditional African folklores and remedies. It is an animal-friendly tree, native to Madagascar and continental Africa. It can be found in 32 countries. Many people consider it an emblem of the savannah's existence. They are also frequently seen in popular films such as Avatar, Madagascar and The Little Prince.


The Baobab Collection was named after the towering trees found in African savannahs. The goal of the company to create unique experiences for olfactory pleasures is to bring the excitement and excitement of travel to your home. The candles are made from high-quality paraffin wax, Egyptian cotton wicks and hand-poured. Fragrances are created by master perfumers in Grasse. They are available in a variety of scents and are available in two metallic color ways.

Baobab candles blend luxurious home fragrances and a unique and innovative design. These hand-poured candles have distinctive tones and strong cedar sandalwood undertones. Baobab candles are long-lasting in scent due to their high quality mineral wax and nonsticky wicks. Furthermore, they do not leave wax traces on the glass, a characteristic that sets them apart from other candles. Prices of baobab candles could differ however, you can be assured that you are getting an item of high-quality.

Baobab candles come in a variety of scents that are inspired by travel, landscapes, fashion trends, and other inspirations. Platinum-scented candle, for instance, features the finest glass and a beautiful glow. It also has a musky scent that creates a romantic atmospherethat is ideal for a bedroom designed for men. The Kardashian family is also a fan of these candles. These candles are of high-end quality and can last as long as 400 hours.

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